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The ABI & Friends Caravan Club

This is a small independent club which was originally set up for owners of ACE caravans in 1970, which later changed to ABI. However they took the decision in 2001 to open the club up to owners of any make of touring caravan or motorhome.

The main focus of the club is rallying and they organise over 50 events throughout the year. If you have a caravan or motorhome and are struggling to organise yourself to use it as much as you thought you would when you bought it here is a way to get it off the drive and do something interesting with like minded people. You could go to just one event to see how you get on and who knows you might end up going to all of them each year.

The club produces a Newsletter and quarterly rally book so you can keep in touch and plan for your next outing.

Membership is currently £16 a year as of 2013 with the form available in the “membership” section of their website.

Their web site also includes information about the club, history, how to join and photo albums from various rallys and events. Well worth a visit.

Link to club website: The ABI & Friends Caravan Club

Caravanwise offer Caravan Insurance , motorhome insurance and insurance for trailer tents and welcomes club members.


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  1. where can i get a handbook for my 1997 abi marauder sportique

    alan fowler   6 August 2011

  2. How do i check true age of abi prestige advertised as 1994? Also what does etching on window 5g75awf remo250021 mean? thanks

    keith pickering   12 September 2011

  3. I have just baught a 1998 ABI Award, there is only one key, I would like to get 2 more or the blanks so i can have some cut,can you help key no is 9613 bill

    W P J Parker   4 October 2011

  4. please help me find a handbook for abi award 12/2 caravan

    j hamer   7 October 2011

  5. What does A.B.I., mean

    Ronald Bannerman   6 November 2011

  6. i have a abi maranda 450 ctl 1997 and i am wanting to now the laden and unladen Waite if any one knows thanks

    alan   2 January 2012

  7. Anyone have abijubilee rallyman handbook and carversb 1800heateroperating instructions please e-mail THANKS happy new year

    keith pickering   10 January 2012

  8. hi,can i find out the year of my ABI MONZA 1100T ,NUMBER ON PLATE [ 810059M ] THANKS

    ian   15 February 2012

  9. Hi Ian,

    Pre Cris numbers had the following format with AB = ABI.

    87 AB 000000

    Year Manufacturer Number

    I hope this helps


    Webmaster   17 February 2012

  10. hi our abi crickety 45o ct has a serial no m2ab187042 what year is this?

    mark   20 February 2012

  11. Are you sure the first character is an m. It should be a number.

    Webmaster   20 February 2012

  12. hi again , yes the first digit is an m the tow bar has 1990 on it plus other markings ,i have read the s/n from a plate to the left of the door ,maybe there is something written on the frame?

    mark   21 February 2012

  13. I’ve checked in Glass’s Guide and post 1987 it is as I previously said. Before that each manufacturer had their own scheme. The number is supposed to be on the draw bar.



    Webmaster   21 February 2012

  14. my guess is that it could be 1989/1990 model but i will contact abi to see if they can help and will let you know if i find an outcome, many thanks

    mark   21 February 2012

  15. Hi can anyone help me i’ve just bought an abi dalesman 380/2 and i’m not sure what the switches are in the main control box the 2 on the left (top and middle) and the top right one. many thanks

    Paul   2 March 2012

  16. I’m looking for 2ndhand preferably (or new)offside front window for AbiMonza 1992 van. Any suggestions plse? Not had much luck via websearch.

    Sue   27 March 2012

  17. Can anyine tell me where the water filter is on ABI Brooklyn 400/2 (2001)

    Richard   6 April 2012

  18. is the club still running how do you join

    janice glass   11 April 2012

  19. i.
    i have a abi elegance supreme caravan and i would like,some pics of the interier and all the info i can get.has i think that it has been modified in side,
    please help george

    g,nuttall   14 May 2012

  20. Hi there,I have a day star award circa 1989-90 I am after a good second hand wheel spat, is there any one that specializes in used Abby part

    Phil   24 June 2012

  21. I think you’ll have to ring around breakers. Try a Google search for “caravan breakers”

    Phil   24 June 2012

  22. Can any one help me with an owners manual for an ABI Marauder 420 ET please

    Berenice Anderson   1 July 2012

  23. I have just bought a 1990 Abi Diplomat Jubilee, with no manuals, any info and instructions for waterheater very much appreciated. Reasonable expenses gladly paid.
    Thanks for any advice.

    Imke Thomson   11 July 2012

  24. I have just bought a 1994 abi cricket the rear light lens are broken ive been told they are obsuleate dose any one no where i can get some

    kavan   12 July 2012

  25. There’s a list of caravan breakers here:

    Phil   12 July 2012

  26. We have a abi jubilee ambassador 1993 and we are not sure on size of awning that we need

    Sarah Thomas   16 July 2012

  27. I wish to replace the door hinge mechanism on my 1992 Award Dawnstar

    I have all the parts but need a diagram or photos to help

    Mike   24 July 2012

  28. HI,i didnt see an answer if this club is still running and how do you join?

    Ben   21 August 2012

  29. Yes it is still running. Application is by a form that you can download from their website. I’ve checked the link and it is working.

    Phil   22 August 2012

  30. Information re joining please,

    Joe Silver   18 September 2012

  31. I have a1996 ABI Montrose static caravan, 35×12, 3 bed, I am trying to find out the cost to replace this on a ‘new for old policy’, need to find out what would be a ‘like for like’ replacement in 2012.
    Kind regards

    Angela B   11 October 2012

  32. Looking for a manual for my recently purchased ABI Award Daystar 2003/4 if anyone can help?

    Paul Dunne   28 October 2012

  33. Hi I have an ABI AWARD Dawnstar. The door key (has number 044 on it) is showing signs of wear and I would like to get another cut. Can anyone please tell me where I can get a blank as all local key cutters say they do not have one. HELP. Sandi xx

    sandi shah   1 November 2012

  34. Hi we have a 1997 ABI Dalesman 380/2, and looking for any documentation (handbook,wiring diagrams, Carver 1800SC heating and Cascade water heater). Can anyone help? Regards

    Keith   9 November 2012

  35. i have a abi jubilee herald 1997 the glass door is missing on control panel were can i get one from please help

    t0ny   3 January 2013

  36. We have an Abi Monza 3.00 Deluxe with original awning . Sleeps 3. We bought it as a restoration project but personal circumstances force resale sadly. It is a sound, dry van and a blank canvas. has original units in it also and electrics work, no gas. Facilities for leisure battery but never got round to getting one – only actually had it for a couple of months. Tows great via my Fiesta when I picked it up. Open to offers. Viewing possible by appointment, based in Essex.

    Carrie   14 January 2013

  37. I am looking for a handbook for a 1998 ABI Herald Emblem 2 berth can anybody help

    Paul Merrifield   20 January 2013

  38. Hi all my first ever caravan was a ABI Ace Diplomat 1993 the fun we had in that was unbelievable, great memories. I have a friend who is looking for some parts for camper conversion and he siad this site will be helpful in the future.

    Don   23 January 2013

  39. How can I get a owners manual for an ABI Morningstar award 2000…..first caravan please help.

    Shane   3 February 2013

  40. I have an ABI Marauder 380/2 and would like to know where the vin plate is located. Can anyone help?

    allan   15 February 2013

  41. hi brought a ABI Golden Cricket 2 trying to find out more about it as the drinking glasses that were inside had “1962 ACE 1987” is 1987 the year ACE bought ABI out ?

    angela   2 April 2013

  42. Hi just brought a ABI Golden Cricket 2 who is the best place to insure this caravan with ?

    angela   2 April 2013

  43. hi i have a jubilee viceroy and was wondering if any one knows where to find the battery charging unit as i think mine has died on me ???

    Dave   21 April 2013

  44. can any one tell me if the front window from a abi award globestar will fit a abi ace diplomat xl

    dave   18 May 2013

  45. Looking for replacement skylight (bathroom) for Jubilee Viceroy 1997. Any suggestions where to source from as it’s smaller than ones we have found? Thanks

    Anna   14 June 2013

  46. I’m desperately seeking front window for ABI Monza 380/2. Tried coupla places and ones they’ve supplied are wrong size. Can anybody help?

    Howard Buckley   28 June 2013

  47. I’m looking for a nearside side window for a 1984 abi ace globetrotter, sizes 27.5×31.5× 21. Anyone have one or knows any others that will fit

    Nicholas   11 July 2013

  48. I was given a ABI jubliee herald 1998 from a family member after they backed it in to there wall and damaged the rear n/s leg,also small crack and spilt in rear lower plastic but nothing major, its the spindle and leg im looking help with. I have struggled to find a replacement. Any help would be greatful. With thanks.

    Mr young   1 August 2013

  49. does anyone know how to remove the lens from the porch/outside light on a marauder Gold please. the blub has gone and we cant get the lens off. any help would be gratefully appreciated thanks

    Alison   2 August 2013

  50. Hi I have abi globestar award, I need new bathroom skylight, any ideas where to get one? Or can I just buy the dome as the handles are causing a small leak which I have temp fixed with a bit of mastic? Cheers.

    Alan   4 August 2013

  51. I have a 1997 ABI Dalesman 380/2, I need a new/used rubber covering strip that covers the centre joint on the outside of the caravan roof

    MALCOLM   19 August 2013

  52. Hi guys we have now bought the site and no longer have to have the weebly tag on the end though we love weebly as it has taught us a lot about website building.

    arie   25 August 2013

  53. Hello. I am looking for a replacement side window for an ABI Monza 1983 model. Window reference is Planet PPRG-RX D635. I measured it from the outside to be 135.5cm by 60cm drop. It’s double glazed and tinted.

    Do you have anything that might be suitable?



    Julian   4 September 2013

  54. hi just bought a abi award bravura 2002 how can i get a handbook which will show the functions of controls and switches , regards barry

    barry mclachlan   8 September 2013

  55. I have just purchased a abi eqerry jubilee, and the seller said it was caravan has two front windows earlier ones have one window, later models have three, does anyone know when they changed to two windows,
    thanks Dave.

    DAVE HUGHES   10 September 2013

  56. we have a blue bowed sealed front window for 1984 award models 1630 × 550 cms if any members are interested.

    jabez barker caravans   30 September 2013

  57. I have a Abi marauder 450ctl 1992 which needs a water pump..Anybody know which one it is..

    jason   3 October 2013

  58. I have a set of nine ABI award wine glass’s. they have the award insignia on them and are brand new and unused.if anyone would like them(no charge, just the cost of postage)then please text 07719696287. cheers

    Stuart Hibbard   4 October 2013

  59. When did they start and finish
    Making monza 400D

    tim dark   27 October 2013

  60. How do I remove a nearside front side window from a ABI Viceroy 1987

    Dennis P   9 November 2013

  61. I have abi globestar award. I have lost locker key to the battery compartment. How would I get this open and where do I get a new lock. Cheers

    Alan   16 December 2013

  62. ive lost my manual for ABI dales 600 CT 6 berth caravan,can anyone help me as ive not had any luck finding 1 through internet,ive tried several sites,but no luck

    paul   17 December 2013

  63. Hello,How do I read caravan ID plate,what is – 0/ 1045kg 1/ 75kg 2/ 849kg
    Thank you,

    mr d hills   28 February 2014

  64. Would like to rejoin the club have been members since 1998 except for 2013

    cath edwards   5 March 2014

  65. has anyone had to remove extractor fan unit ( got something caught up in impellor)complete on ABI Award Brightstar 2 berth- if so please explain method.

    Ken Hardy   18 March 2014

  66. Hi Everyone

    I have a lovely 1992 Abi Marauder 380-2 and need a handbook. Could anyone help? Thank you.

    Adriane   4 April 2014

  67. I have just broken my front window of my ace courier 4 birth 1988, were can I get one from and will it be easy to replace.

    colin   21 April 2014

  68. I have a abi pioneer touring van and i am looking for shower curtain runners,please if you have any spare or know where i can get some,please email me.23.4.14

    mr p stedman   23 April 2014

  69. looking for a manual for ABI Northstar 1994 having no luck

    glenda craig   26 April 2014

  70. trying to source the shower system manufacturer for my rallyman 1995 as it is in need of replacement.

    Glynn Smith   14 May 2014

  71. Hi, could anyone please advise where I can get a user manual for my Abi award Nightstar caravan, first caravan could really do with the help. thanks

    Sarah Richardson   18 May 2014

  72. Hi
    I have recently bought a 1986 abi quartz 430 and I’m looking for a wiring diagram for it.
    Also, has anyone had an issue with water ingress from the awning rail?

    stuart mcinnes   20 May 2014

  73. Hi, I’m after an owner manual for a ABI award northstar, can anyone help please?

    Ray Ince   30 May 2014

  74. can anyone help i have an abi northstar the windo surrounds on front of van have sun damage and warped where can i get replacements and im not sure of width do anyone know
    thank you

    tony levey   31 May 2014

  75. Hi I am looking for a manual for our abi ace pioneer can any one help please

    trevor lock   3 June 2014

  76. Hi trying to find out how the bed in my abi marauder400et gold 1994 makes up. the bed at back. which is a two seater across back end and a single seat to side. having probloms trying to sort out how it makes up.. can anyone help please

    Pete   15 June 2014

  77. Hi I have a abi superstar that has the primus heating system does anybody know how to get it to work on gas or electric ? The only thing that comes to life is the central heating pump on the back of the boiler ? Thanks Jay

    Jay   16 June 2014

  78. Hi im looking for wheel spat for abi dalesman 97 if anyone can help.thankyou

    lee   24 June 2014

  79. I have a 93 dawnstar that needs some replacement internal panels repacing does anyone know what panels are ie oak /rose ??

    noel   8 July 2014

  80. Has anybody got a hand book for a ABI Award as I would like to find were every thing goes. Thank very much

    john gumm   28 July 2014

  81. Does anyone have an owners manual for a 1993 ABI Diplomat 2 berth that I can have a copy of please? Thank you.

    Sally   10 August 2014

  82. Hi,I have an abi marauder et 400 gold 1994 can I charge the battery from mains at home ? What should the switches on wall be set to ?

    James coleman   11 August 2014

  83. Good afternoon, we have just bought an old (1980’s? ) ABI Ace Courier but cannot dind any information, does anybody know a website for the van?

    Andrew Suter   19 August 2014

  84. Anyone any idea how to get hold of an ABI Manhatten 1999 owners manual or proof of the brake diagram employed

    John Wakefield   23 August 2014

  85. I have a jubilee pioneer 1990/1991 in a cream/light beige it needs a little touch up but l am not sure of the correct colour it has small red trim around the middle and the name is in red can you help thankyou

    Joan downey   2 September 2014

  86. can anyone tell me were the fuses are in a 1998 abi award. looked around near trip switchs but cannot find where to replace fuse.

    Michelle   11 September 2014

  87. Does anyone know were I can get an instruction book / owners manual for my 1987 ABI globetrotter

    Phil   29 September 2014

  88. where can I get a handbook for Abi jubilee viceroy 1996 5 berth?

    trish   1 October 2014

  89. Desperately looking for the back drivers side whole light section (light and plastic moulding surround) for a ABI Marauder 500ct 1996. Any ideas where I can get one??

    Andy Gatt   4 October 2014

  90. There maybe manuals in caravns at breakers yards.if no luck,contact fm caravans in hull and they might send yous a copy

    paul dickinson   27 October 2014

  91. I have a Jubilee Globetrotter ans all the original documents. I am happy to copy them if anyone needs them.


    David Murray   28 October 2014

  92. Looking for front middle window off a Abi award bright star 2birth thanks x

    Mike davies   5 January 2015

  93. Does anyone know were I would get a manual or a handbook for an abi award daystar caravan the year is 1988 thanks

    carol   5 January 2015

  94. Looking for a manual for my used camper. 1995 Make ABI, Model TL, Body CT. Please help me as I do not know alot about campers, and need a manual to set this one up. Thank you

    Dotti Ricci   11 January 2015

  95. I have just bought an abi starlet 15/5 does anyone know the year these were made also to get an owner manual ?

    Gillian   19 January 2015

  96. Does anyone know the maximum external height of ABI Marauder 420 ET 1996?

    Howard Jones Clements   16 February 2015

  97. Hi, I’ve just bought an ALKO 3004 stabiliser for my 1999/2000 ABI Celebration 520/ET. It’s for a 50mm drawbar shaft. Can anyone tell me if I will need spacers or would the shaft on my caravan have a 50mm drawbar? Many thanks.

    Mark Gannon   22 February 2015

  98. Hi,

    As a matter of interest, can anyone tell me the difference between an Award Northstar twin axle and a Prestige ? They look the same to me !!…(mine is a 1997 Northstar).Cheers, Robert. (

    Rob Parkes   28 February 2015

  99. My friend is looking for an Abi award nightstar window, 1990 we think, twin wheel 21ft, window is the one to the right of the door. He’s having no luck at all? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Joanne   3 March 2015

  100. Hi, I am looking for a owners manual or a copy of the manual for a ABI Nightstar 2000 model if anyone has one please,
    Rob, nutco (at)

    Rob Nutland   24 March 2015

  101. I am after a front locker for a 1998 abi award northstar if anyone can help. Thanks

    Andrew Alliker   26 March 2015

  102. Has anybody got a handbook or information about a ABI North Star twin axle caravan 2000

    Tricia   10 April 2015

  103. Just bought a ABI prestige 590/4 twin wheel 1998. Anyone know where I can get an owners or workshop manual?

    Tim   15 April 2015

  104. Hi i have tristar 1994 can you tell me want size wheels are on it please, Geoff tar

    geoff   4 May 2015

  105. 1984 abi target twin axle 6 berth looking for sky light measurments caravan in spain can,t remember size can any body help. thank-you.

    mr robins   6 May 2015

  106. Hi I have 93 Marauder 380/2 caravan and I’m looking for tail lights off them! Also an A frame cover for the front ! I live in cork Ireland, anyone know where I get these as durite have stopped making them

    Peter O Neill   8 May 2015

  107. Hi, my abi caravan lights on the right side are not work (indicated, brake,side light and the little white light yiu can see from rear view window). Does anyone know what this could be and is there a fuse yo this and where would I find them? Thank you in advance.

    alan   10 May 2015

  108. hi, can anyone help please, we have a Abi Award Northstar 1998 and we are looking for an electrical diagram for this caravan any help or advice as to where we might get one from would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Rosalinde   14 May 2015

  109. I’m looking for 2 offside windows for my abi marauder 500et gold 1994, sizes are L 1045x H 620. And top L 450x H 630 x bottom 660 can anyone help or point me in the right direct please

    Tracy Lang   4 June 2015

  110. Hi
    im looking for a 1995 dawnstar award manual please

    Karen Wheatland   10 July 2015

  111. I am looking for a wiring diagram for my 1994 ABI Marauder 500CT. Can anyone help please?

    Graham Mansey   23 July 2015

  112. I have some small Abi award etched wine glasses. Perfect condition and would like to sell them as no longer have the caravan.

    Corinne   28 July 2015

  113. Hi could any body tell me where I can get a shower room roof light for my abi diplomat thanks

    Lee   23 August 2015

  114. please can anyone tell me where i can get a manual for this caravan

    my email is
    thank you

    mandy   3 September 2015

  115. please can anyone help me find abbey lincoln gt very front nearside window please con tact me

    steve   27 September 2015

  116. Hi I’m new to caravaning and was given a abi ace rally which I’m slowly restoring but I’m confused where the water pump is

    Ashley alley   29 September 2015

  117. Loads of you looking for manuals, contact fm Caravans or ABI. The guy at ABI photocopied one for me

    paul.d   30 September 2015

  118. Hi I have a 1993 Ace Jubilee 2 Berth and the Handbrake cable has snapped thereby seizing the wheel hub, need a new one, but can’t seem to find one due to age of caravan, its a nice wee unit and want to restore it for towing, any ideas would be appreciated, thanks

    Jon B   15 October 2015

  119. Hi ya i have a 1996 abi superstar and need some advice on its primus heating and hot water system, i need to know how to flush it as i think its all clogged up after notbeing used for 3 years.

    joanne daffin   16 October 2015

  120. Just bought a 1996 Jubilee Equerry & found that the 12volt wiring for the fridge igniter, T V booster, & interal 12v plug has been cut & disconnected. Can anyone tell me where I can get & wiring diagram. Thanks.

    john bailey   2 November 2015

  121. Hi

    I have 5 ABi etched caravan glasses for sale from an Award Globestar which I no longer own. Excellent condition .

    Denise Payne   2 November 2015

  122. HI, we have a 1980 Ace Viceroy, its 4 berth, would anyone please be able to tell me what size awning would fit please, I believe the van is 22ft long but its in storage so difficult to go and measure? Many thanks

    GIllian Amos   21 March 2016

  123. Hi, I have lost one of my wheel spats. Abi Ambassador Jubilee 1994. Does anyone have one to sell me please?
    Kindest regards

    Will   3 May 2016

  124. Please can you help. Just bought 1996 jubilee equerry. Need to replace near side side window. Any idea were I can find one? Thanks

    Cathryn   7 May 2016

  125. Can anyone tell me the dimensions of an ABI Marauder 450 CTL 1990 rooflight please

    Lesley Etherington   9 May 2016

  126. I have a ABI Sprinter 350/2 Gold 1997 model. I am looking for a replacement of the locking panel at the front storage area due to it blowing away because it was not secured properly. I would be grateful for any help with this.

    Ronnie Paterson   27 June 2016

  127. Despite owning our abi marauder 400 et for four years, I’ve still not figured out how to make the dinette at the back into a double. Any advice please?

    Tamzin   3 July 2016

  128. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me the Kerbside Weight and Max Gross Weight of my 1984 Ace Pioneer. It is a 14ft, 4 Berth. The specs are on the A Frame but rather faded and I need to check I’ve got the right figures.

    I tried ABI, but they haven’t kept any paperwork for these models and I am fairly desperate as I have a potential buyer for it, if his car will pull it.

    Thank you in anticipation.


    Lesley   15 July 2016

  129. Hi, I have an abi marauder 450ct gold, to the right of the sink there is a 3 pin plug and then a switch above it, what does this do?

    Andrew   25 July 2016

  130. Hi.Looking for a middle window for an
    Ambassador Jubilee 64cm high and 74 cm there somebody who can help?

    Thanks and kind regards

    KLAUS   30 July 2016

  131. where can I purchase a new rubber cover for the roof of my A B I Morningstar caravan

    Adrian Rix   3 August 2016

  132. where can I get a 1996 abi award transtar owners handbook

    michael butler   16 August 2016

  133. Does anyone know where I can get an ABI Jubilee Viceroy 1995 5 berth owner manual from?

    thanks very much

    Simon   13 September 2016

  134. my wee caravan has Celebration written across the front and 380/2 on the sides ,nothing else.What have I got does anyone know.It is a 2 berth,one big window across the front.xx

    Chrissie   19 September 2016

  135. I have ABI AWARD SUNSTAR 1996 I was intending to spend money on various jobs but having got through some.of them I find there is a serious damp problem in the shower room.If anyone wants the van plus all a accesories they can take it for a sensible price

    Barry   25 September 2016

  136. how do you change the out side bulb for the awing on a abi jublie equrrey thank you in advance

    john huggins   26 September 2016

  137. hi does anyone have a 1998 abi award transtar owners handbook. or point me in the right direction.

    mick butler   8 October 2016

  138. Hi guys I side something stupid. I brought a ABI ace jubilee ambassador to fix up but I don’t know what I’m doing. I. The week I’ve had it someone tried to break in and has broke 2 Windows. Can anyone help? Also I need to run basic operating tests. What do I need to check and how do I do it

    Dionne   17 October 2016

  139. Hi

    Can you tell me where I can get the manuals for a ABI celebration 380/2 1992 please

    Jayne Swann   27 October 2016

  140. Is there anywhere I can obtain a owners manual for Ace Marauder 360 CT

    Stuart Lewis   9 March 2017

  141. im looking for a hand book telling how the water pump work s as i cant get power through from the battery on my marauder gold

    trevor   19 March 2017

  142. Hi,looking for instruction manual for a 1995 Abi award globstar.hope someone can help.thanks in advance tony.

    Antony Parton   17 June 2017

  143. I have an unused tailored cover, manufactured by Specialised Covers for an ABI Ace Orbit (1995 model), for sale £50 or near offer. This does not have an aerial position or locker box access. Buyer collects. Tel : 01 702 559952

    Mrs J Kempton   25 June 2017

  144. Hello.
    Can I ask is my.ABI Breeze 400D.
    ( plate details)

    Really an Abi Marauder.
    and is year of manufacture on this plate.
    Thank you.

    Mary Caplan   1 August 2017

  145. I have just brought a abi jubilee equerry 2 berth and I’m looking a awning could anyone please tell me what size I need as I’m new to this and don’t have a clue , thanks

    Paul   7 August 2017

  146. I am looking for a front nearsidr window for a Marauder 350-2 1990 * 1992

    Ted Foster   24 September 2017

  147. hi I am looking for a 1992 abi celebration wiring diagram

    tony salmon   26 September 2017

  148. my wife and i wish to join your club / could you please send us details /and application form if needed
    kind regards dave and linda

    dave   21 October 2017

  149. hi,i am looking to borrow for just long enouh for me to photocopy an owners handbook for a 1996 abi award nightstar 5 berth if anyone can help it would be much appreciated. kind regards alan

    alan jones   24 October 2017

  150. Hi I need a window rubber for the front window on jubilee globetrotter which one do I need


    neil swan   9 April 2018

  151. Hi I’m looking for a handbook /manual for abi marauder 380 /2 1987.if anyone can help. T.i.a

    Claire Mcvie   9 April 2018

  152. Hi i just got my first van its an ACE Globetrotter Jubilee I think its an early 1990 number on plate is 874B219050.
    but i need an owners hand book for it as i not Shaw how to work the water heater or what all the switch’s on the panel are for, can anyone help please. If you have any help you can email me on

    Nigel   11 April 2018

  153. I am selling my ABI Ace caravan dry as a bone but tatty outside needs front window but ready to go any one out there to buy new battery awning everything hitch up and any sensible offer

    bill evans   21 April 2018

  154. Desperately looking for owner manual for Abi Celebration 450CT. Fist time caravan owners in need of serious help!!!

    Maria Kennedy   23 June 2018

  155. where can i get a wiring diagram for my 2 berth abi transtar built 1990

    jeremy murton   30 August 2018

  156. Does anyone know specs from Monza 1400S? I would need especially the technical specs urgently, please

    Volker   12 September 2018

  157. Was wondering if anyone could provide me with a copy of the wiring diagram or just the manual for a 1999 ABI Montrose 35×12 static caravan. Thanks in advance

    Sebastian Smaka   1 November 2018

  158. Looking for manual Abi Starlet 15/5 1990. First time caravan owner in need… Help!

    Carola Baaij   22 January 2019

  159. Hi. Does anyone know where i could get instructions for a 2004 Abi award caravan ??

    Gillian McFadyen   6 June 2019

  160. As anyone ABI Dalesman front window and
    know how water system works?

    Jwhyte   8 June 2019

  161. Hi looking for a manual for my Abi Dales 600 CT, if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

    Mark Smyth   25 June 2019

  162. has body got a abi sprinter large back window please thanks

    z cooper july 2019

    Zena Cooper   4 July 2019

  163. How do I find out the age of my ABI ambassador i know it’s somewhere between 1988 to 1992 as this was the only years this model was made with the info i have managed to get

    Amanda thomas   6 July 2019

  164. Hi to all,
    I have an abi award tristar 4 berth caravan and I was hoping someone would be able to help me with finding the handbook

    Del   15 July 2019

  165. Hi,

    Looking for an Abi Award Northstar manual. Can anybody email me one or send a link? Would be most appreciated.


    Mark   16 July 2019

  166. Looking for owners manual for a 1996 ABI Dalesman 380/2. Can anyone provide me with a pdf or a link to download? Cheers

    Roy   6 November 2019

  167. I have purchased a Abi Horizon but it did not come with a manual, Does anybody have a pdf manual, Possible measurements as looking to install central heating and been asked

    Andy   8 February 2020

  168. Hi I have a 1980 monza mk2 I have a water tank but can’t find where the water connection is on the caravan, I have found the waste but not the water supply, please help.

    Nickie   1 October 2020

  169. Hello, I’ve brought an Abi Ace Pioneer 92/93 caravan but no manual unfortunately- does anyone have a pdf or link so I can print it?
    Thank you – Ju

    Julie Chapman   29 April 2021

  170. Hi have just brought Abi Award Papillon Superstar 2005 but has no manual/user guide can any one help please, or let me know where i would be able to get one from

    kind regards

    chris 13/05/2021

    Chris   13 May 2021

  171. Hi. We have just bought an ABI St David 2012 but we haven’t got an owners manual. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Thank you.

    Lindy Armiger   5 June 2021

  172. Does anyone have a front goldfish style window for a abi jubliee
    Looked everywhere. On ebay etc
    Thank yu

    27 June 2021

    Martyn   27 June 2021

  173. I have just bought an old ABI Cricket. Being a first time caravan owner, I have no clue where everything is.
    I would like a manual for it if possible if someone could point me in the right direction? Thank you.

    Christine Hardaker   19 October 2021

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