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The Roma Club is a club for owners of Romahomes, vehicles manufactured by Romahome Limited (formerly Island Plastics). The club is currently celebrating its 27th year and goes from strength to strength.

Roma Club Rallies are held throughout the year, all over the UK so there’s always a chance to meet with other members at a convenient location, make new friends, relax and do as much or as little as you choose. There is always a welcoming friendly atmosphere at Roma Club rallies.

The Roma Club produces a magazine four times a year for members. This contains information about rallies, updates on fellow members and their travels, news from Romahome Limited, advice on technical matters, hints and tips on maintenance and equipment.

The clubs membership is currently £15.00 p/a as of 2013, and applications can be submitted here on their excellent web site:
Roma Club

Caravanwise campervan insurance is pleased to offer Roma club owners a discount on their insurance, subject to a minimum premium.


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  1. I have sold my Romahome Hi Lo to save further disappointment please remove the advert. Yours Colin Ashe

    Colin Ashe   14 September 2013

  2. hi can anyone tell me the weight of a roma riva 2000 and if my vivaro 2 ltr turbo will tow it many thanks

    maurice dixon   9 December 2013

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