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Club 80-90 VW T25

VW T25 club 80-90

“Club 80-90 is an online community of T25 owners and enthusiasts. The name ‘Club 80-90’ stems from the fact that theT25 (T3) was mainly produced from 1980 to 1990. We have an international membership, so someone is normally close at hand if you need any advice, assistance or just a chat.

Many of our members love camping and enjoy attending VW shows, rallies as well as meets organised by the club. However other members come on here mainly for technical help or to buy and sell vans or parts. If you click on the ‘Forums’ link above this takes you to our many technical forums as well as ‘General Chat’, where you can introduce yourself. The club is informal, it has no committees or fees, although of necessity we occasionally ask for donations to pay for online hosting and support.”

Club80-90 VW T25


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  1. I have a t25 1984 Hightop campervan. But it broke down last September. I don’t know what is wrong. Our mechanic said it might need new distributor but the part is not available! We need help and are in East Molesey Surrey. Does anyone know or recognise the problem? The van simply lost power on a dual carriageway. After a trip to Herefordshire going up some very steep hills. It’s petrol and water cooled – any advice would be welcomed. Karina

    Karina   27 April 2022

  2. Hi, I need a rear grp bumper for my 1989 VW T25 Hightop Kameo campervan. This was damaged by someone when I was parked. They are difficult to locate now. An alternative would be a specialist repairer for these, but it has been seriously weakened and the supports ripped off. Many thanks

    Titchi707   12 June 2021

  3. Where is the best place to sell a T25 to an enthusiast rather than someone thinking they’re getting a cheap camper to run around town in??

    Jo   12 January 2017

  4. Hi can anyone recommend a good sprayer

    Tricky   18 September 2014

  5. Hi can anybody help me. Im looking for a oil filler pipe with a integral dip stick (the dip stick goes through the oil filler cap). Mine is leaking and I cant find one anywhare

    dylan davies   6 August 2014

  6. For T25 hoses and any other parts try

    RT   24 September 2012

  7. Hi – Can anyone help with running problem on my old VW T25. Starts from cold fine, when up to temperature runs about 3 miles and then starts to loose power, feathering throttle can keep her going until finally dies, leave 2 minutes then starts fine with problem reoccuring, changed coil no difference anyone got any ideas?

    Steve Chapman   3 August 2012

  8. Hi – we are desperate to obtain a water connection hose to go between thermostat to large metal pipe – different diameters each end U shaped. – for our T25 1989 camper van. PLEASE HELP.Ian Harrison

    Ian Harrison   10 March 2012

  9. Can anyone help me I am trying to replace the rock and roll bed cushions as they are now falling apart (30 years old). Does anyone know where I can source new ready made ones.

    Avril Young   16 April 2011

  10. Hi I have just bought a 1983 t25 and the seats need replacing I would like to be able to keep the swivel option could some one advise me of the best option or what other seats would fit, thanks

    Carl   22 August 2010

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