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Motorhome Craic is a very active Northern Ireland Motorhome resource website & community forum. The Motorhome Craic forum is the longest running community site dedicated to Irish Motorhome topics having been established in 2011. It is one of the main sources of information for all Motorhome and campervan owners living in Ireland or those visiting.

The Motorhome craic website has a section where members can organise meets so that friends and new members can keep in touch and meet up to camp together. All of the events are run in Northern Ireland only but anyone who is a member of the club can attend any event. You do not have to live in Northern Ireland to be a member.

A benefit of membership is that you have use of the club CL’s. An example of which are the 2 CL’s for UMC members use (subject to conditions) in the costal towns of Portrush & in Portstewart. Both prove to be very popular and the club use both regularly for events or indeed for nightly stopovers.

For more information and to visit the forum click here: Motorhome craic


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