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The Elddis Owners club

The Elddis Owners club

The Elddis Owners club is strictly for owners of Elddis manufactured touring caravans and motorhomes including any other branded caravan made by Elddis at Consett. .. read more..

The Compass Club

The Compass Club

The purpose of the club web site is to introduce prospective members to the pleasures of rallying with the members of the Compass Owners Club. .. read more..

Bürstner Club

Bürstner Club

For those passionate about the Burstner brand, who wish to rally all over the UK and Europe. .. read more..

The Bailey Owners' Caravan Club

The Bailey Owners' Caravan Club

Formed in 1970 initially by a small group of enthusiastic owners, the Bailey Owners? Caravan Club is now open to all owners of caravans and motor homes manufactured by Bailey’s of Bristol. .. read more..

Lunar Owners Club

Lunar Owners Club

The Lunar Owners club was formed for people who had the common interests of ownership of a Lunar, and the desire to get together with friendly people in a relaxed caravanning style .. read more..

Buccaneer Owners Club

Buccaneer Owners Club

Membership of the Buccaneer Owners Club is open to owners of any Buccaneer Caravan or Motor Home, either produced at the original factory at Full Sutton or in Consett by the Explorer Group. .. read more..

The Swift Owners' Club

The Swift Owners' Club

Information on everything you need to know about the Swift Owners’ Club. .. read more..



The AAOCC was originally formed in 1984 as an owners club for the owners of motorhomes and touring caravans manufactured by Avondale. Now open to owners of all motorhomes and touring caravans in the UK. .. read more..

Car Cruiser Owners Club

Car Cruiser Owners Club

In 1963 when this club was set up the Car Cruiser Caravan was already a classic. .. read more..

The Bessacarr owners club

The Bessacarr owners club

A club strictly for owners of Bessaccar motorhomes and touring caravans .. read more..

Gobur Owners Club

Gobur Owners Club

The Gobur Owners’ Club is for the owners of Gobur folding caravans and was formed at a rally in May 1998. The club is supported by the manufacturer of Gobur Caravans. .. read more..

The ABI & Friends Caravan Club

The ABI & Friends Caravan Club

This is a small independent club which was originally set up for owners of ABI caravans. However they took the decision in 2001 to open the club up to owners of any make of touring caravan or motorhome. .. read more..

Abbey Caravan Owners Club

Abbey Caravan Owners Club

The Abbey Caravan Owners Club was founded in 1970 for all owners of Abbey or Piper Caravans. The aim of the club is to gather friends together at weekends to enjoy life in the open air and away from the pressures of life. .. read more..

Sterling Caravan Owners Club

Sterling Caravan Owners Club

We are friendly club supported by our manufacturer and we are geographically divided into 8 areas which covers the whole of the UK. .. read more..