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Abbey Caravan Owners Club

Everyone is welcome in the Abbey Caravan Owners Club, no matter the age, make or model.

The Club was originally founded in 1970 for all owners of Abbey or Piper Caravans but in 2009 after Swift leisure ended production of Abbey caravans, it was opened up to every type of caravan or motorhome.. The aim of the club is to gather friends together at weekends to enjoy life in the open air and away from the pressures of life. Wherever you live, whatever your taste in caravanning, you’ll enjoy the friendly fellowship that the Abbey Caravan Owners’ Club can offer.

Enjoy the company of a small circle of fellow caravanners

Whether you’re a caravanning novice or rather more experienced, membership the Abbey Caravan Owners Club can bring you a wide range of attractions and benefits – all designed to help you get even more pleasure from your caravan. Throughout the year, you will be able to choose from a variety of different venues across the country. One week you may be visiting a stately home the next taking an invigorating country ramble or maybe just a quiet few days away. There’s usually something for everybody. Whatever you choose, activity or relaxation, every weekend can seem like a mini-holiday enjoying the company of fellow caravanners.

Coming from all walks of life

Abbey caravan owners have at least one thing in common – a love of caravanning. Some can count their caravanning experience in weeks and months, others may admit to being rather more experienced. Without exception, all like enjoying themselves and sharing their hobby with other Abbey caravanners. Most weekend get togethers have an average of 15 to 25 families attending and there’s never any pressure what so ever to join in any of the activities. But we bet that once you’ve done it once you’ll do it again.

Annual membership is £20 a year, and the form can be found here;(Link to Club website: Abbey Caravan Owners Club), which then can be printed off and sent by post with your cheque or postal order.


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  1. Hi, We have just got a 2002 Abbey Vogue 215 but there’s no manual and I’m really struggling to get the little downlighters open to change some of the bulbs. Does anyone know how to do this or where I can get a manual. I have looked on all the caravan sites with no joy.

    Dianne Bryant   30 May 2022

  2. Hello
    I bought a Abbey Safari 400s from 2002
    and I need a User Manual for this.
    All informations about using and managing the elektical, the water and gas infrastruktur.
    Please contact me by email
    A copy of an original Handbook would be ok.
    And also I need a catalog that include layout informations. If you have the catalog please sand.
    Best regards
    Cengizhan Oyan, Turkey 21 APRİL 2022

    Cengizhan Oyan   20 April 2022

  3. We own a 2009 Abbey 416 GTS and I’m having trouble with the wheel arch covers coming away from the body of the van. Some people say use a silicon/adhesive but there is rubber trim between the arch and the body so not sure. Look forward to hearing back

    Mitch Tayles   14 March 2022

  4. Struggleing to find piper exe nearside window any help please and correct size thank you

    david green   11 February 2022

  5. Does anyone know what the seal spec is for ordering a front window seal on an abbey vogue 420gts 2005

    Ernie   30 December 2021

  6. Hi there ive owned a 1997 abbey county stafford for 3 years now and it needs a new breaking hitch damper, i know its a 161s but i dont know whether its the long or short version. Can anyone advise thanks

    Steven   9 September 2021

  7. We have a 2001 Abbey GTS Vogue 217 and would like to put a solar panel on it weighing approx 10kg. We are wondering if the roof could support it. Cannot find any diagrams of the timber structure anywhere and Swift was no help. Can anyone help

    Carolyn   20 August 2021

  8. Hi I’m looking for a manual for an Abbey Piper 15.5 ex. I also can’t find any numbers on it either on windows ot chassis thanks

    Tracey R   18 August 2021

  9. hi everyone need help finding a 2009 abbey spectrum 416 service manual please if anyone could help

    Dougy   12 May 2021

  10. I have a 2005 Abbey GTS 216 Vogue. Can someone please provide the correct wiring connections in the 12s plug.

    Peter Creek   12 April 2021

  11. Hi I’m looking for an owners manual for an abbey piper 515 1996 if anyone can help? Thanks

    Derek   28 March 2021

  12. Just purchases an abbey vogue gts 2003 model. Can Someone point me in the right direction as to how i get manual please.

    Mary   22 March 2021

  13. What years did they make Abbey Executive 450 and did it have a cork floor?

    Abbey Executive   15 March 2021

  14. Hi everyone, I’m looking at a bathroom window replacement for my GT 214 (1989). Size 30× 75.5cm. Thank you

    Xavier   12 March 2021

  15. Looking at buying and 1985 Abbey Executive 430E I have a seller ready. Just wondering if anyone has any info on this particular model? The quality looks great on pictures. I would like to know what I should be looking for when I veiw it. Thanks for your help.

    Mark   19 February 2021

  16. I have just bought a 2006 Abbey Vogue GTS 416 and I am looking for a owners handbook. Can anyone tell me where I can find one please?

    Lynn Price   1 August 2020

  17. Need Help
    I have an abbey vogue 415 and would like to get a maypole cover for it.
    I can only find the inside size and the shipping size but I need from the Gas box to the back length please
    Thankyou in advance

    Paul Farrugia   15 April 2020

  18. Hi
    Have a 2005 Abbey 2 berth in NZ. I want to replace the bulb in the exterior door light but can’t readily see how the cover comes off and as it is the original I don’t want to force something and wreck it. help appreciated.

    Viv   23 January 2020

  19. Hi had my abbey 418 gts 2007 broken into had all the front seating stolen anyone know where I might be able to purchase replacement swift not much help thanks

    steve   13 September 2019

  20. Hi there I recently purchased a abbey vogue 600 2007. My radio and fan has stopped working as i switched the fan over too quick. I cant seem to find any fuses only the main box. If anyone knows where they are it would be much appreciated

    Dwayne   28 July 2019

  21. We are looking for a middle front window for our abbey vogue 417 2004 caravan .any ideas would help
    Current window is delaminating and cracking

    Susan reedman   19 July 2019

  22. ive just bought an old abbey gt 518t that im fixing up does anyone no were to get a user manual schematic so i can get fridge central heating working .thank you i think its a 1990

    Mr Wilkie   11 July 2019

  23. I’ve just bought an Abbey Piper 12/2 caravan. Where can I buy an owners manual?

    Gary   31 May 2019

  24. Hi, Looking for Abbey GTS Vogue 417 front centre window. Heath Robinson fitted non model replacement to get us by but would prefer to get back to original.

    Bob   14 April 2019

  25. Looking for a Abbey Vogue 460 – 2006 -
    Front Centre Window

    ron burnett   12 April 2019

  26. Looking for front nearside window for a 2003 abbey gts 215

    stan   30 March 2019

  27. Hi. Need replacement bulbs for the lights in toilet room of 1996 Abbey Vogue 516 gts. Can anyone help? Please?!

    Steve   25 March 2019

    I have recently purchased the Abbey Safari 2008 which I understand is a Dealer Special .What model was it before the dealer put his extras to it and has anyone got a handbook?

    abbey safari 2008   9 November 2018

  29. I have a set of brand new loose lay carpets that were especially made for a 2009 abbey spectrum 218. they have whipped edges and blend well with the original fabrics. Also, a similar set in automotive grade felt. offers please

    roger hackett   23 October 2018

  30. I have lost my abbey cachet caravan 1996 instruction Manuel does any one have one please thank you

    Carol Lloyd   10 August 2018

  31. where is the Flush pump located on a 2002 abbey 417 gts caravan

    David   22 June 2018

  32. I have an old pre1990 abbey Somerset I have ripped off and bent the right hand side rear metal gutter please can you advise where I can buy angled guttering?! Thanks in advance

    Mike   13 May 2018

  33. Abbey Safari 520 from 2000

    I bought a Abbey Safari 520 from 2000
    and I need a User Manual for this.
    All informations about using and managing the elektical, the water and gas infrastruktur.
    Please contact me by email
    A copy of an original Handbook would be ok.
    Best regards

    Roland Mossmann, Germany   8 May 2018

  34. Would someone please tell me the water pump we would need to get for a Abbey vogue GTS 212 Thankyou Lenny

    Lenny Clark   5 May 2018

  35. Hi Has anyone got the handbook for a 2007 Abbey Spectrum 545.
    Thanks Trevor Harper

    Trevor Harper   29 April 2018

  36. We have just bought our caravan an Abbey Piper 15-5 exec and are looking for a handbook could anybody please give us an idea of where we may be able to get one
    Many thanks Gaz

    Garry Blackburn   23 April 2018

  37. Hi I have a abbey GT 215 Vogue2000,i think it must be a special model as it has all gold colour handles on drawers and cupboards.The shower and rear washbasin taps are whale,how ever my sink tap is broken and I cannot identify this tap to obtain a replacement. Any help or info appreciated.

    keith lyle   22 April 2018

  38. I have a dorema full awning available that fitted our abbey Lancaster 1989 we have measured length which is 25ft so about 762ish cm which think is size 5 looking at Internet looking for £250

    Charlie small   9 April 2018

  39. Hi, I have an Abbey Safari 470S and the onboard tank has a leak to the drain off hose outlet spigot. Does anybody know of a suitable plastic welding repair service or kit?

    John Wojciechowski   8 April 2018

  40. Hi there -I’m looking for a replacement wheel for an abbey GTS 418 had a blow out on first trip out but can’t seem to get a replacement rim and tyre any help appreciated

    John Brady   18 March 2018

  41. Hi there, I’m looking for lots of bits and bobs for my Abbey expression 520 2003, like fly screens, shower glass hanging bracket, window, please could someone tell me where to look ?? Thank you

    Suzy watts   24 February 2018

  42. I need a hand book for a Abby spectrum 620 can any one help please

    TG Johns-barrs   13 September 2017

  43. Hi does anyone know the dimensions of an Abbey Lincoln 2 berth 1981, can’t find them anywhere, mainly overall length, width and weight. Many thanks.

    D   21 August 2017

  44. Hi I have just brought an abbey cachet 1996 I am looking for a new sink as it’s cracked for the end bathroom does anybody know where I can get one thanks tom

    Tom   10 August 2017

  45. Can anyone help me to identify the worktop colour of our 2007 Abbey GTS 215
    Need to do 2 small worktop repairs, about the size of coin, trouble is there are so many different “ Colorfill” colours available. Ours i best described as speckly cream colour. Any advice welcomed

    Mike   6 August 2017

  46. Hi. Can someone help md. Do you know where fuse box is located in 1992 Abbey Spectrum??..

    Sharon Goodwin   1 August 2017

  47. Hi im looking for a manual for our 1994 Abbey Cabaret 5 berth?

    Kay Godfrey   1 August 2017

  48. Hi I’m looking for the middle front window for a 2004 Abbey vogue 416 gts or have been told some swift models have same window???

    George MacDougall   17 July 2017

  49. i have a 1989 418 supreme with a full water heating system , this i need to clean the burner / chamber but i have no idea how to get to it . Can any one help please ?

    Paul Harrison   21 June 2017

  50. Nearside front window needed for abbey 420gts help.

    Mark Williams   8 June 2017

  51. In need of the original colour scheme of our 1987 abbey gt 214, after the cream colour and where to get it

    Louise   12 May 2017

  52. There’s specs for a 1990 one here:

    You should have a weight label on the A Frame.

    Phil   26 March 2017

  53. Does anyone know the weight of an Abbey 212GT 1985 caravan please.

    Linda   26 March 2017

  54. Have a 2008 Abbey Vogue 460 van fitted with a Thetford C-200 CW toilet. The flush handle has ceased to flush. Has anyone experience of dismantling the toilet to service?

    Mike Arnold   25 February 2017

  55. I desperately need a complete door for 1999 oxford county help please

    cliff davies   31 January 2017

  56. I desperately need a front locker box door for my 1995 Abbey Oxford GT 4 Berth caravan, can anyone help please?

    Ray Price   23 January 2017

  57. As got no 12v surply so nothing works and on hook up on plug sockets and fridge works any ideas please desperate help needed am new to caravanning

    Mark walker   2 January 2017

  58. Has any one got a manual or hand book or no where can download one from for a abbey stafford Gt think 1991 as can’t find fuses,looked under seats under sink behind fire in wardrobe as not got no 12v so no lights or anything inside I have only just brought the van not even on hook up only fridge works on hook up my battery has got 13 amp when tested

    Mark walker   1 January 2017

  59. Can anyone help me with a front nearside replacement locker door for our 2001 Abbey Freestyle 2 berth please?

    Chris   1 December 2016

  60. Hi Terry,

    There’s a wiring diagram on page 17 of the service book that you can download here:

    Good luck


    Phil   12 November 2016

  61. 2006 Abbey Vogue 460 Please can anyone tell me what Fuse number relates to which circuit in the fuse box under the nearside bed? eg Fuse No x is for the brake lights etc. Many thanks
    Terry 12 November 2016

    Terry   12 November 2016

  62. 1996 abbey vogue 215 GTS 12 volt power with the battery connected and the rocker switch in the central position the meter is showing green but no power in van put switch to car up position still green no power in van put switch down to van position meter goes to red no power at all can someone help please

    Gary   13 September 2016

  63. Hi Ive owned my Abbey spectrum 418 for 8 years and has been excellent in every way!
    Until now….. Good going tbh.
    In the Isle of Wight and my internal pump has stopped working after blowing a few 10amp fuses. Had a mobile guy out and he changed my pressure switch which stopped the fuse popping but still no internal pump running. He cannot fit a new pump as he doesn’t know which one my abbey needs ie psi etc and also due to time constraints. Does anyone know what internal pump size i need?
    I don’t want to be taking it out without having the right replacement whilst still on the park.
    Any advice greatly appreciated.
    Pumpless n waterless!

    Ally   13 September 2016

  64. would anyone have a manual for a 2002 abbey 520s safari touring caravan. please txt or ring 07718091842

    noel   10 September 2016

  65. Hi all, I have a Vogue 417 2002, when the taps are turned on in both hot and cold positions, there is a water leak from underneath where the hot water tank is located, no leak when taps are in the off position. Is it the non return valve or should I be looking at something else?

    Mitch   2 August 2016

  66. We’ve got a 2008 Abbey Vogue 530 and can’t seem to get hot water! Pump works and water heater fills but no hot water out of the taps! No idea how/what/where to check if something is broken/fused etc!! Please help, getting sick of boiling kettle!!

    Vikki   30 July 2016

  67. I need an owners manual for a Spectrum 400…2000.can anyone help?

    Jim Davis   23 July 2016

  68. Hi, all, I have a Abbey vogue 216 2008 would like to know how do or where do you fill the pink flush from, cannot locate the filler cap? Thanks.

    Peter c. Fowler   21 June 2016

  69. Hi, I have an Abbey Freestyle 540, the radio and TV ariel don’t work, it was working but I knocked a a plugged in phone at the 12v cigarette type charge point and it looks like the 12v fuse has blown. I have had all the seats up, and cannot find any fuse that relates to my problem. there are 12v fuses at the front but only for the towing connection and fridge, checked them anyway, all good. It’s driving me crazy..

    Rob Hall   13 June 2016

  70. We have just bought an abbey vogue 416 1997 and are struggling to piece together the cushions to make the double bed. can any advise?

    tracey vernon   12 June 2016

  71. Hi we have just bought an abbey expression 5 berth think it is 1996..Does anyone have a copy of the manual for this van please we are having problems with the water.thanks

    Davie   13 May 2016

  72. I really hope someone can help us. We have just bought an abbey spectrum 620 2004 and are having major trouble with the water. It has the onboard tank but we can’t seem to get it all working. We can fill the tank and get water but if we switch off the fill water switch we get nothing. If we go on tap the only way to get water is to switch the fill water tank button on (but doing that leaves the pump running all the time We have consulted the manual but that has confused us more! Can anyone tell us in simple terms how to get it all up and running and which buttons have to be switched to what. We are not sure if something is broken or if we are doing it all wrong!
    Thanks in advance

    Nina   2 May 2016

  73. does anyone have an owners handbook specific to the Abbey GT VOGUE 415 WE THINK IT IS 2002
    We have problems identifying spares as the PDF version says they are model specific

    JOAN   25 April 2016

  74. Could anyone tell me what size awning rail do I want for my 1992 GTS 415 bought 11mm 12mm but both wrong size

    Derek   16 April 2016

  75. I am looking for a replacement front middle window for my 1999 abbey vogue GTS 215 anyone able to help please email many thanks. Keith

    townko   16 April 2016

  76. Hi all help needed please I’m looking for a abbey cabaret handbook/ user manual anyone know where I could get one please thanks in advance

    Natalie   4 November 2015

  77. Hi I am looking for a gas locker door offside for an abbey Lancaster 1990 caravan. Thanks

    Michelle   26 October 2015

  78. I am looking for an Abbey Piper 414 owners manual…any ideas where I can find one would be appreciated!

    Vicky   19 October 2015

  79. I am looking for a handbook for a 2002 Abbey Harlech if anyone can help please

    Phil   13 October 2015

  80. Hi there I’m after a rear window for my abbey cabaret 5 birth any help please

    Eric sage   10 October 2015

  81. Hi,

    I am looking for a………………….

    Abbey Vogue 415 gts 2002 owners manual.

    If anyone can help or tell me where I can download this I will be more than grateful

    Tony   6 October 2015

  82. Hi , can anybody tell me which water pump I need ( External, the one that goes into water container , and plugs into side of caravan) And perhaps best place to buy one . Many Thanks, Contact. The pump is for an Abbey GT 415. 1990 .

    Glenn   1 October 2015

  83. i am looking for a very front nearside window for abbey lincoln gt caravan please contact me

    steve   27 September 2015

  84. Hi does anyone know where I can get a copy of a handbook for 2008 abbey vogue 2 620 twin axle caravan many thanks.

    caz   20 September 2015

  85. hi ive lost one wheeltrim from my abbey iona,, the one on measures 14 inch when fixed. but the tyer size is 13 inch,, what size wheeltrim do i need to buy…

    trevor   31 August 2015

  86. I have an abbey gt 213 1987, anyone know where fuse box is?! I have many questions that need answering I am a complete caravan newby! I would be very grateful.

    Ems   27 August 2015

  87. Have just bought a 2007 Abbey Vogue 600. Does anyone have a manual for sale as missing? Or could somebody advise how to make the front double bed and whether the centre drawers stay as they are. Thanks

    Nick   23 August 2015

  88. Hi
    Can any advise what diesel car would tow the abbey 416 gts 5 please. We currently have a 57 cmax but I don’t think its legal to tow with this so need to buy another car

    Sara   15 August 2015

  89. Hi, I am looking to get a lightweight
    Awning for my (new to me) Abbey Aventura 317 year 2006. Can anyone advise if an XL 390 would fit or do I have to have the much smaller version? The only spec I can find is for a full awning which is 895.

    Alan Baker   7 August 2015

  90. I have just purchased a 2006 Abbey Vogue 215 GTS at auction, taking delivery next week. I could not find the battery although this was on the inventory, can you tell me where it is stored in the van please?

    Alan Lyall   30 July 2015

  91. I sold my Abbey 4berthn GT 1985 but kept the as new awning if anyone is interested and likes to make me and offer.

    Jay.cooper.groves   21 July 2015

  92. We have an Abbey Vogue 495 2008. Does anyone know how to take of the light shades from the ceiling lights?

    John Brines   12 July 2015

  93. Hi I have a abbey consult 1989 GT212. I am looking for a copy of the manual to work the electrics. Our electric panel is above the cooker and sink at the end of the van and are switches that you can have on or off. The switch to the very far left has a picture of a car with a battery and a picture of a car with a caravan on it and then the other far end is a switch with three lights by the side of it that does nothing and a picture of a battery   9 July 2015

  94. Hi, I have an Abbey Dorset 1998 caravan and have found the 12v fuse box but can’t find the 240v one. Any help appreciated.

    Pauline Stevens   22 June 2015

  95. I have a 1992 Abbey Somerset that needs a replacement gas locker door. Can anyone help me with that please?
    Thanks in advance. Guy

    Guy Middleton   16 June 2015

  96. I have an Abbey Safari 520s 1999.
    The large window on the off side where the dinette is has been broken and I have no clue where to get a replacement.Please can anyone help.

    brian bowskill   9 June 2015

  97. I have an Abbey Safari 520s 1999.
    The large window on the off side where the dinette is has been broken and I have no clue where to get a replacement.Please can anyone help.

    brian bowskill   9 June 2015

  98. Im looking at getting rid of my abbey gt 414 for scrap in the next few months I have an awning that I want sell that is in very gd condition that fits that make and model

    janine   30 May 2015

  99. Hello, I need the tyre pressures for an Abbey Maverick SL 2 berth 2002. I cannot find it in the handbook.
    Thank you

    Colin Attwood   20 May 2015

  100. Hello, I’m looking for a replacement front window for an Abbey Lancaster 1989 4 birth, any help please. Thank you.

    Rosalinde   14 May 2015

  101. where can I get a manual for a abby Stafford 5 birth 1991 either book or as a download

    gene   13 May 2015

  102. Hi, I have just bought a second hand Abbey 520 Expression – 2004. I am desperately trying to find the correct tyre pressures before we go away on Friday 15/5/15.
    Thank you

    Roy Mead   11 May 2015

  103. Hi.
    I cannot find a front window for a 1990 Abbey Lancaster???

    Dean   26 April 2015

  104. Im looking for awning sizes for my abbey twin axle abbey gt 518 x

    christine   20 April 2015

  105. Hi looking for an exterior door and frame for a abbey spectrum 520 or if anyone can advise?please email me at

    Mr Thandi   19 April 2015

  106. Hi all abbey owners i have bought an abbey piper exec but my hot water wont work the water pump works wen i put the cold on but nothing with the hot water the boiler comes on but the water doesnt pump any ideas plz

    matthew lamport   18 April 2015

  107. Hi could anyone advise us on the correct awning size for 1998 Abbey 390excutive 2berth caravan?

    Mrs Diane Kitchen   13 April 2015

  108. Hi wer can I get an abbey gts vogue 417 late 2006 model front near side window from ? Any ideas email me at many thanks

    Danny   13 April 2015

  109. Help! Just broken the bottom glass panel on the cooker in our Abbey Vogue GTS 215 1998, cooker model number 059043827. Any suggestions where to get a replacement from? Thank you

    Sue   9 April 2015

  110. I have a 98/99 abbey Lincoln country caravan could anybody please help me out or tell me where I could find a new or second hand window plz I’m after the window next to seating area on the same side as the door , thanx

    Barry   31 March 2015

  111. Hi i have just bought an abbey spectrum but dont know which one as i have no paper work it has a seriel number and is 1994 how can i find out and get a hand book for it thank you

    Tricia   25 March 2015

  112. Does anyone have a handbook for an Abbey Impression 500L(GTS 516), Year 2002

    Pat Basson   25 March 2015

  113. Hi. Can anyone tell me the tyre size on a late 2007 Abbey Freestyle 480 please?

    Sharon   23 March 2015

  114. Hi I’m looking for a front locker catch fo my abbey vogue gts 416 it’s a 2002 model

    John   23 March 2015

  115. I am looking for a glass sink cover for our Abbey spectrum.620.2000 model.thanks.

    kerry Illingworth   14 March 2015

  116. I have an Abbey Spectrum 418 t twin axle, I need a near side wheel spat/arch….any ideas?

    Paul Toms   11 March 2015

  117. can anyone tell me the replacement part number for the water micro inlet switch for a 1995 214 vouge

    alan clarke   23 February 2015

  118. I am in need of a manual for an Abbey GTS Vogue 417 I believe 1997 if anyone could help it would be appreciated

    Ian Davies   22 February 2015

  119. hi ya ive just purchased a abbey piper 14.5 5 berth 1992 and the top bunk is missing does anyone know which one I have to put in pics would be good plz

    lizzy   9 February 2015

  120. Can any one help a 1992 Abbey twin wheel what chassey is it ?

    Mary   8 February 2015

  121. Also looking for a replacement front centre window for 2002 Abbey Impression 520 thank you. Any advise would be appreciated

    hazel jefferies   28 January 2015

  122. Looking for a replacement centre front window for 2005 Freestyle 400SE. Any pointers will be much appreciated

    Baz Joslin   23 January 2015

  123. Hi, Has anyone found a replacement A-frame cover for their Abbey Vogue or is it impossible now? Thanks Sean

    Sean   13 January 2015

  124. Hi, I am desperately looking for a front gas locker door for my abbey piper think it’s a 1994/97.

    Many thanks

    Margaret Mitchell   30 December 2014

  125. Hi
    I am trying to contact the Rally secreatary of the club but there are no contact details for anybody on the website?!

    Please can you email me a contact email address

    Many thanks


    Jules Sayer   3 December 2014

  126. Hi we have a abbey Aventura 325 2003 and the glass cooker cover has broken has anyone got any idea of the size of the cover and where I might get one from. many thanks

    rod fretwell   27 November 2014

  127. Hi there. We have just purchased an Abbey Iona Vogue 2001, and would really like a manual, and do not know where to search for this. Unfortunately we live in New Zealand, which makes it really difficult. Would really love it if anyone could help.

    Ken Rowe   18 November 2014

  128. Hi I have a abbey harlech
    2001 the wires are off the
    relay can anyone send me a
    diagram of how they go back on . Thanks . Colin

    Colin Barnes   16 November 2014

  129. Hi all Could somebody please tell me where I can pick up a drop down sink for the bathroom. Have have a abbey speectrum 420. Thank u

    Brian   9 November 2014

  130. Hi, we have an Abbey spectrum GT516 and would love to get a manual for it, especially for the heating system and electrics. Year 1989. Thank you

    Ash lapham   25 October 2014

  131. hi name Tom could some one tell me where I could get curtains for a abbey vogue gts 212year 1995

    tom   24 October 2014

  132. Hi.My name is Pete Bennett, and also live in New Zealand. Just by chance I was reading some of the questions on the foram, and read one saying he was also Pete Bennett,question 85, and lives in NZ. My wife and I also have purchased a caravan, but a different model.I would be interested to make contact with my namesake. email

    Peter Bennett   11 October 2014

  133. Hi,
    We have a 1992 Abbey 214 GTS and looking to buy a large porch awning – anyone out there have any ideas on the size. I’m getting confused with all the websites and their size guides!!

    julie   29 September 2014

  134. i have a abbey spectrum 520 told its 1991 . on trying to light the heating it didnt work so is there any way i could get this taken out and replace with a gas fire or electric heater and keep the fans etx thankyou in advance for any advice.

    austin   27 September 2014

  135. I am buying a Abbey Iona Vogue 2004. If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated. This is my first Caravan Purchase

    Eric   12 September 2014

  136. Hi from yesterday I have an Abbey GT 212 from 1986. If you can help me with the owner hadbook. I’m new is this so any information will be apreciated.

    silviu   3 September 2014

  137. abbey cardinal 495 1970 -I have an unused centre cushion and seat to replace the drawer unit -also a fitted mattress cover and sheet. Any offers?

    jeni2488   28 August 2014

  138. Hi
    I’m looking for one of the small front windows (offside) for an Abbey GTS Vogue 417 mine is a 2003 model.
    Many thanks

    Becky   26 August 2014

  139. Hi I’m new to caravans and I need to know how to drain a sistem in a Abbey 500 impression can anybody help please

    Maria   24 August 2014

  140. hi might internal light have stopped working in my abbey somerset can anybody help me going away this weekend

    wildmandale   20 August 2014

  141. Hi everyone. We have owned an Abbey Safari 2005 now for over a year and we are having some trouble locating spare parts. ie my front locker light and switch is a bit corroded and only works now and again.All our local caravan suppliers seem to only stock modern spares. Anyone got any suggestions where I might try for bits.


    Steve edgar   19 August 2014

  142. Looking for lockable cover were water pump is located on a Abbey Cambridge, is a Carver part 6 x 10 with Carver crystal water system printed on lockable inner door, its the outer section I'm searching for as the lockable part is ok.

    alex field   18 August 2014

  143. We need a left hand gas/front locker door for our 214 gts. Please help/suggest breakers!!

    Samantha Sadler   10 August 2014

  144. Hi all, I require a track/rail for the end sliding doors for an 1994 Abbey County Somerset after my daughter had a rather damaging accident. The track is ruined but it wouldn’t hurt to change the runners too if anyone knows where these could be bought? Any help appreciated.

    Steve Roberts   31 July 2014

  145. Does anybody know where I can get a manual for an Abbey Vogue 415 GTS. Thanks in advance

    Eynon Swift   25 July 2014

  146. Have a Abbey lancaster 89 need a wiring diagram as have problems with the colours of cables that go into the transformer,or a hand book.Am willing to purchase or give money to a charity.Many thanks Barry

    barry pudney   23 July 2014

  147. Hi, about a month ago I bought an abbey GT 2birth 1989 (I think) caravan and as I’m a single mum and a little rubbish with things I’m struggling to find out what wheels and tyres i need as the ones on are not only thread bare, there’s splits and rust, I can’t wait to go for weekends with my two kids but obviously safety first, help needed please and if anyone knows roughly how much or cheap places to buy then all the better too, Thankyou in advance

    Lisa hensby   7 July 2014

  148. I have an Abbey Somerset 1992 model and require a full set of blinds where can I obtain them.

    Keith Bown   3 July 2014

  149. I have an Abbey Spectrum 420. Please could anyone tell me where the on board water pump is located, I think it’s the Shurflo one?
    Many Thanks

    Carol S   30 June 2014

  150. We have an Abbey executive 380 (1987).photos available on request. damaged roof ventilator, hence damp damage to roof. also damaged rear window.any one interested please get in touch mobile number 07854617650

    PH NORRIS   30 June 2014

  151. Does anyone have a copy of a handbook for an Abbey Iona 1999 please?

    Steve B   29 June 2014

  152. Abbey Oxford 4birth 1996 breaking call for more info .. 07936688097

    phil   29 June 2014

  153. I have a abbey caprice 1999 2 berth,could someone tell me how to remove and replace a new plastic a frame cover,thank you for any information. Jimmy

    Jimmy   24 June 2014

  154. does anyone know if my Spectrum 416 1998 has an EOBD Connector for a solar panel- thanks

    Bill Brewer   18 June 2014

  155. I am looking for instruction manuals for a abbey oxford county gt, for the electrics and fuse box etc, my plugs don’t seem to be working with my 12volt

    Christine rose   16 June 2014

  156. I have a 1990s abbey 214gts, I’m having some problems with the electrics! Does anybody know where I could purchase a control panel for it as this seems to be the source of my headaches.

    Neil high   10 June 2014

  157. Hi have just taken on an Abbey somerset 1986 caravan .As its static in Norfolk and I’m in Brighton does anyone know the dimensions of the toilet roof light window.I think its 28cm x 28 cm is that correct .Cheers

    Roger Keenor   10 June 2014

  158. Hi, I have just purchased a Abbey Vogue 417 GTS 2000, I would like to get hold of a owner manual does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks Allan

    Allan Cook   3 June 2014

  159. Got an abbey 1998 416 GTS. Electric heating not working everything else is OK checked all the obvious things. Anyone got any suggestions Cheers. M 07957267942

    Morley   24 May 2014

  160. Does anyone tow a Vogue 495 with a Kia Carens? Also has anyone fitted a TDI Tuning Booster to their Diesel Engine. What comments for either question please.

    Victor Cooper   17 May 2014

  161. Hi all,I am looking for the a frame plastic hitch cover to replace the one on my abbey caprice 2 berth the one that is attached is damaged,does any one know were I can buy a new or second hand one,thanks. Jimmy

    Jimmy   11 May 2014

  162. Hi, does anyone the location of the 12v fuse box for the Abbey GTS 215 ? Problem with concealed strip light over kitchen area not working.

    Ken Moss   9 May 2014

  163. awning size query. help what size am i looking for??

    abbey 216 gts vogue

    is it an 875+ or a 900+


    linwin   9 May 2014

  164. 12v fault problems with abbey vogue gts 516 not holding a charge please help thank you .

    chris ferguson   26 April 2014

  165. We have just purchased a Abbey Expression 500 caravan but unsure of year of manufacture we were told its a 1992 but I cant find any details the the only one I can find is from 1996 onwards was this when they were first introduced ?

    Leonie Lovatt   22 April 2014

  166. Does anyone know where I can get a full wiring diagram for my Abbey Vogue 516 GTS (2000) please? I need info about how the 12v and 240v circuits are used to supply the fridge. Many thanks.

    Peter Williams   19 April 2014

  167. I am looking for nearside front window for Abbey Lancaster. Please could anyone help

    roger florey   16 April 2014

  168. Hi, I doubt that your 1994 Abbey Oxford will have a pressure switch. It will more likely have a micro-switch on the taps. If you look under the taps and see some electrical wires, these are from the micro-switch. If a pressure switch is fitted it would be between the water heater and the inlet. Hope this helps. Cheers.

    Jon Marsden   16 April 2014

  169. I have a Abbey Oxford 1994
    does anyone know where the water pressure switch is located that turns the pump on/off

    Peter Gibson   14 April 2014

  170. hi there,
    I am the proud owner of a 1981 Abbey GT 414 caravan! – does anyone happen to have an owners manual they can send me a link to?

    richard   13 April 2014

  171. Does anyone know what wattage the interior ceiling lights are on an Abbey Expression

    Keith Bateman   29 March 2014

  172. I need a ceiling light for my 418 gts but I am having trouble locating one.

    Andy Clifft   25 March 2014

  173. Hi iv got a abbey Lancaster 1990 I’m needing cushions and curtains same as what’s in the caravan mobile 07879345434

    Michael   24 March 2014

  174. we have a 2005 abbey aventura but the overhead lockers close on their own,we have tightened them up but they still close.any advice please

    sandra rowe   18 March 2014

  175. I look for papers for a caravan abbey gt 213 of year 1990 I believe. I would want these papers to be able to register in France and be able to drive in rules my e-mail address thank you

    julien   4 March 2014

  176. I’m new to caravanning please can someone help me i need to know if i can put a stabiliser on my abbey chess 4 birth and what one to buy thank you for your help

    melanie   3 March 2014

  177. Hello all, I recently purchased an older (1990) Abbey 415 GTS. I have searched high and low but cannot find manuals for it.
    Can someone please help. Don’t have to be originals and photocopies would be ok. Willing to pay for your time and effort.
    Thanks in advance.

    John   2 March 2014

  178. Hello, I am looking for a manual for an Abbey Impression 2001. Can any body help? spare or know where i can find one?

    Rachel   23 February 2014

  179. Hi all, i hope someone can help, i have an abbey aventura 320 and i was wondering if anyone knew the dimensions for the side window at the front , door side of the caravan as mine has broken all the way along the hinge part where the window slides in, as im unable to get to my caravan at the moment. Thanks in advance.

    Simon Wilson   21 February 2014

  180. Hi Can anyone help us please we have just got a 1995 abbey chorus 2 berth caravan . We really need a owners manual as we have a few problems with it. We live in New Zealand and carnt find a manual here we would really appreciate it if someone could either send us a copy or email us one Thanks Raewyn

    Raewyn Holmes   30 December 2013

  181. hi can anyone tell me what size awning I need for a abby impression 500

    katrina langk   19 November 2013

  182. Hi can anyone help I am looking for an owners manual for an Abbey Safari 450EK 1995 model.

    Alan   16 November 2013

  183. Hi. I live in New Zealand. I have recently purchased an 1996 Abbey Safari 20ft caravan ex UK. Would love a wiring diagram re connection to car to charge caravan battery, info on the alarm system on how to set it and any other info relative to this lovely caravan. Many Thanks. Peter

    Peter Bennett   31 October 2013

  184. can anyone send me a photo copy of the manual for controls inside power distribution cupboard. worked out what most do just trying to work out what i think is an alarm i have all other books for the spectrum 516 if anyone wants a copy e-mail me rawhide@tesco,net.

    robert   22 October 2013

  185. Abbey 530 2007.I have had my Abbey hub caps stolen does anybody know were I can get replacements.
    Also we could do with a few more internal locker shelves.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    SIMON ROTHERFORTH   11 October 2013

  186. Hi all,
    I live in New Zealand and I am importing a Abbey Spectrum 535 (2004 model)for my own use.
    Would anyone possibly have pictures of all the electrical sockets including the outside and fuse board.
    I need to convert to New Zealand standard before it arrives here.

    Vic   11 October 2013

  187. We have an abbey spectrum 418 and seem unable to get hot water. Seems to be water in the tank but not heating. We have only used it once before so should be fine

    Helen Graham   7 October 2013

  188. Hi
    We are looking for a cooker lid and bits for a abbey piper 414 1995, could anyone help pleasexx

    marie shepherd   29 September 2013

  189. I have just bought a abi jubilee statesman 1996 twin wheel, can anyone provide a copy of a carver instruction manual please

    ben   27 September 2013

  190. We have a 1990 Abbey Vogue 212GTS.
    Like everyone else I would like to get hold of a owners manual and something that would explain all the switches over the front window.

    Mervyn   24 September 2013

  191. Need urgently an wiring diagram for an Abbey Oxford 1989 for the Lab-Tec Battery charger and Distribution Board TP6

    Markus   17 September 2013

  192. I have just got a piper abbey.
    How do I work out the model to get parts.
    I am trying to get the little water pump to work
    Any ideas u wonderful ppl ♥

    char   14 September 2013

  193. hi just bought an abbey spectrum 516 1997. anyone have a book showing controls inside cupboard. i have all other books.what does key pad do,i assume by sensors it may switch on alarm in van.can anyone help.

    robert   8 September 2013

  194. how does the bottle box lid fit at the bottom mine is broke and what do i need to fix it thanks

    malcolm   7 September 2013

  195. Hi, I’m looking for an owners handbook for a 1998 Abbey Caprice (Dorset) just bought it but no manual

    Robert Walker   30 August 2013

  196. H there I recently bought a Abbey Lancaster 1990 which needs a new front wndow could anyone be kind enough to advise me were I may be able to get one from please. Regards Jayne

    Jayne Taylor   29 August 2013

  197. hi there im trying to find out the age of my recently purchaces abbey oxford gt 4 berth caravan does anyone no how to do this,i cant find any info plates on the chassis or frame?

    marty   26 August 2013

  198. Hi there,

    I have just purchased an Abbey Cabaret 5 Berth 1998 and need a user handbook and technical manual if possible??

    Please help as I am new to caravaning

    Thank you

    Best regards


    Tim Moss   25 August 2013

  199. Hi I have a 1998 Iona. just reversed into the towball @ broke the light cover, where can i get new covers from, ASAP Please before the wife finds out what i have done

    Jack Corless   16 August 2013

  200. I am looking for 1999 Abby frount center window. Can any one help Chris

    Chris Lowe   11 August 2013

  201. Please can anyone help I’m looking for a handbook for a Abbey Cardinal 325 2006 (even a photocopy would be great). The dealer lost the copy that was with the caravan when I purchased it. I would be very greatful, many thanks Terry.

    Terry Battensby   11 August 2013

  202. where can I find a handbook/manual for a Lunar micron 390-4???

    steve   10 August 2013

  203. could anybody help i have a 2006 abbey cardinal 330 6 berth end bunks when purchased had no user manuals on how all items and equipment works does anybody have a copy or even a copy of a copy i will pay for any postage and any other costs for the copy kind regards

    Jamie   7 August 2013

  204. the side on my 2005 spectrum appears to be bowing out and a gap has appeared on the inside behind the dressing table and wardrobe,there is no damp getting in though

    Gareth Moreton   6 August 2013

  205. wonder if anyone else as had my problem. My 2005 spectrum 535 seemes to have the sides bowing out as the inner wall seems to be coming away from the inner fixtures ie:wardrobe and dressing table

    Gareth Moreton   5 August 2013

  206. I am looking for battery panel for Abbey Vogue GTS 212

    Graham Milton   2 August 2013

  207. how to take off exterior light door fitting?

    johnleeson   25 July 2013

  208. could anyone advise me if a range hood over the stove can b fitted in an abbey vogue 620. I just cant any info on one, that is if they every came out with them, PLEASE HELP, many thanks len

    loenardo   3 July 2013

  209. how can i repair/replace corroded rear panel abbey oxford 1998

    john clark   25 June 2013

  210. Hi, Just bought a gts vogue 416. does anyone have a handbook on how all the things work and are assembled? its a 1997 in exellent condition but the person IO bought it from had hardly used it, and didnt know much how things worked or connecting hoses and electrics and of course the internal bedding assembly. A copy would be ok and will pay postage and any copying proseses. Many thanks to all. Kind regards . Terry

    terry   25 June 2013

  211. Could any one tell me where to get a new set of hinges for the grill on my abbey vogue 416 please?

    Joan Desay   18 June 2013

  212. Hi purchased a Abbey Lincoln 2 berth the other day have only one barrel door key does any know where I can get one cut or purchase one thanks

    Tony Lobb 12-June -13   12 June 2013

  213. looking for mon0 chrome taps sink for abbey gts 415 1995 how do they fit

    peter   11 June 2013

  214. I dont know how to operate the electrics in my abbey iona car then mains

    kristoff   1 June 2013

  215. I’ve just bought a 1989 Abbey Executive 390 and need a handbook please, anyone know where I can obtain one from? Thanks

    Jan Dean   29 May 2013

  216. hi need to no the weight of the abbey vogue 416 gts 1998

    ernest   28 May 2013

  217. Hi dows anyone know where i can purchase spare awing track from need approx 1mtr for my 2006 model thanks h

    Robert Eddisons   27 May 2013

  218. Can anyone tell me why the cooker glass top will not drop to cover the hobs seems the hinge is spring loaded its on an spectrum 535 thankyou

    Gerry   21 May 2013

  219. Hello 1 & all…was wondering how I would go about getting an owners manual for a 1993 abbey gts 215 any help would be fantastic…thankx in advance

    Tommy Clarke   20 May 2013


    riverdalelee   20 May 2013

  221. Does anybody have or know where I can get a battery compartment door for my Abbey Vogue 470

    Baz   7 May 2013

  222. hi does anyone no were I can get a manual for a abbey vogue gts 415.

    sue mapson   6 May 2013

  223. can anyone help me I have a abbey freesyle 400se,i have just bought a new water pump and I cant get any hot water to come through the taps only cold the pump is working fine there is no air lock in the pipes just don’t know what else to try ….thank you

    lynn   28 April 2013

  224. I have just purchased an Abbey Vogue, and am having a problem with the water.
    How do I have the tank filled and then keep topping it up from the outlet, without keep going under the bed and keep opening & closing the valve? . my old 1999 abbey spectrum had an external / internal switch – easy .. but this doesn’t seem to be the case in the 2009 vogue. Surley I don’t have to keep going under the bed every day ??? can anyone help advise

    Hazel   17 April 2013

  225. I am looking for a manual for my abbey gt415 1990 model – or any where i can get one from

    dave   15 April 2013

  226. does any one know the size awning i need for my abbey lincoln gt 2 berth 1989 many thanks

    micheal savory   9 April 2013

  227. I am after an instruction manual for an Abbey Piper 414 1996 . can anyone please help or advise me where i can locate one thanks.

    craig   9 April 2013

  228. Hi I am wanting to change the water filter on an abbey gts 215 caravan – where will I find it

    Andy   3 April 2013

  229. Looking for Front big window Abbey GTS Vogue 212 1996 can give more detail if req.

    Frank Jones   2 April 2013

  230. Have just aquired an abbey dorset county 97 can anybody tell me if it has a built in charger in the control panel or does it charge through the towcar charger

    mick smith   26 March 2013

  231. Hi I’m after a user manual/ handbook for abbey westminster 1994. My electrics and hot water isn’t working. Many thanks.

    Chris   18 March 2013

  232. I’m looking for an outer glass for my oven.Stoves Newholme Phone 07740981249
    Part No 012263525

    Steve Beanland   28 February 2013

  233. I’m looking for a copy of the Caravan Owners Handbook for a 2001 Abbey Aventura thanks Ian

    Ian Moffatt   25 February 2013

  234. Where can I get a new sink cover for my abbey spectrum 535.

    Ann Gaffney   18 February 2013

  235. Hi does anyone have or know where I can get a handbook for a Abbey safari et 470 year 1996 thankyou,Marc

    marc english   8 February 2013

  236. Hi, I am looking for a copy of the owners handbook for a 1991 Abbey 416 GTS. Thanks for looking

    Davy J   22 January 2013

  237. what size awning do i need for a iona 1997..just purchased but not yet collected…

    david.   17 December 2012

  238. anyone got a battery charging unit for an Abbey gt 214 approx year 1986

    don ellington   25 November 2012

  239. Can anyone help me find a Abbey Harlech 2002 2 berth owners manual

    Mandy   30 October 2012

  240. I have a abbey 4/500 i took the electrics apart to do another job and i forgot to make a note of the wires. Its the box that shows our power levels and the heater on the wardrobes side in the loung area. Does anyone have a picture of the wiring or have any knowledge of the wiring please so i can put the wires back in correctly.

    Thank you

    richard   22 October 2012

  241. Can anyone help with a replacement above front window clock for 2009 Abbey Spectrum 418?

    dave9545   18 October 2012

  242. Have just bought an abbey gts 518t and need to find out where i can get an owners manuel any help or ideas plz

    lee   7 October 2012

  243. We have an Abbey GTS 416 L, 1995 van. Does anyone know the correct way to lay out the cushions when making the bed so we can fit a sheet to it?

    Martin   5 October 2012

  244. I have just bought a Abbey Cachet 1996 model, and have discovered it is missing the the folding table for the main sitting area at the front of the van, can anyone advise me were I could get one, or is anyone selling one?

    Tony   2 October 2012

  245. hi im looking for parts for an abbey gt 418,year 1985,someone breaking one would suit,or maybe buy the whole thing.its a dubble axle 17ft long.thanks

    shane   27 September 2012

  246. I am having a problem with the Mactronics control panel / charger in my 1991 Abbey lincoln does anyone know anything about these units or anywhere I can go for advice.

    Jean Goodger   26 September 2012

  247. Recently purchased a abbey Oxford 4 berth tourer. I’m finding it reall difficult to find an owners manual for this van. If anyone has any suggestions. Thanks.

    Brian martin   25 September 2012

  248. I am having problems with the electrics on my Abbey 1991 GTS 212 can anyone tell me where to take it to get it repaired

    Eileen Twist   12 September 2012

  249. Hi. I really need some information on my Abbey Westminster 1970’s caravan? I purchased this last year and was a bit naive to be honest! I knew it was vintage, but didn’t know much about the model type. I’m looking to sell it and i need some information. I’ve tried looking on Google and other websites, but can’t find any information on it! It would much appreciated if anyone could help? Thanks

    Alicia   9 September 2012

  250. Hi, I have a 2002 abbey Harlech , I need a piece of the wood(mdf) trim that is around the bottom of the cupboards ,above the cooker , can anyone help

    Lee   7 September 2012

  251. Hi. I’m looking for a handbook for an 1989 ABBEY Lancaster Caravan. Please can anybody help? It is for a sculpture project I am doing and I am studying the design/layout of this model but would love to be able to access a manual for research purposes. Any help would be greatly appreciated .Thanks

    Emma McNamara   24 August 2012

  252. hi im looking for a passenger side. side window for my abbey gt 214

    kevin patenall   30 July 2012

  253. We are looking for a kitchen sink bowl for our 2002 Abbey Impression 500 which is based on the 450 GTS. The bowl is “Kidney” shaped if that is of any help. Many thanks

    Ted Ellis   22 July 2012

  254. Hi, I have a abbey lancaster 1993, I require a battery locker cover? It has two locks it dims 600/330/180 .Cheers

    Chris   27 June 2012

  255. I have just bought an Abbey 214 gls 1995 is there anyone out there either with a 12volt wiring diagram or a manual that I could purchase. Thank You

    Gwyn Phillips   6 June 2012

  256. Your best bet is going to be a trawl of the caravan salvage yards. Do a Google search for caravan salvage or caravan breakers.

    Phil   1 June 2012

  257. looking for an electrical distribution panel and an awning light cover for a 1990 abbey somerset caravan.
    any ideas of where to get these from.

    Dave 1 June 2012

    Dave Morris   1 June 2012

  258. hi im after a side pop out kitchen window for an abbey gts 214 1990-1992 the window size is approx 76cmx35cm you can contact me on if you have one regards scott

    scott   1 May 2012

  259. hi, i own a abbey dalesman 450/2 and wondered if anyone as any tips on repairing the front offside bottom corner as its starting to come away and was thinking of tackling it myself before its gets too bad
    thanks dave

    dave maxwell   1 April 2012

  260. hi, i’m looking for a hand book for an Abbey Vogue 610 2008 twin axle caravan.please can anyone out there help me.thanks

    eifion   31 March 2012

  261. just picked up an early abbey devon gt.

    how do u work out its actual age. or is there someplace which has photos of eachs years models. so i can compare


    chris   11 March 2012

  262. Hi, We own a 1997 Abbey 216 GT Vogue. Could you please help, we require a 12 volt diagram layout for our caravan. We are in New Zealand.We can download a copy of it Trust you can assist.
    Terry L Williams

    Terry L Williams   17 February 2012

  263. Hi Lynn
    Try writng to Swift who made the caravan, they may not have a manual you can have, but when this happened to me they sent me a print out.

    Sharon   6 January 2012

  264. Hi

    Does anyone have a spare or a copy of the manual for an Abbey GT 215 1990 I have just purchased this caravan but the owner had misplaced the manual thanks

    Lynn   1 January 2012

  265. breaking for spares abbey gt allspares available

    stephen mocroft   3 December 2011

  266. I would like to contact as many members of your Abbey Caravan Owners Club to let them know about a newly refurbished site in Dorset. I wonder if you could let me know who I may be able to speak to in order to disseminate this information appropriately. Many thanks

    Ruth Leverton   19 October 2011

  267. I’m looking for a handbook for an 1990 ABBEY SOMERSET Caravan. Please can anybody help?

    DONNA   19 August 2011

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