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The Lunar Owners club was formed in 1976 for people who had the common interests of ownership of a Lunar, Venus, and Chateau Caravan and the desire to get together with friendly people in a relaxed caravanning style. The club developed with members from all over the British Isles, but even with rallies as far away as Holland, the club has always been able to maintain a friendly and close knit community.

“The Club organises an active all-year-round Rally Programme covering all parts of the country where members can get together socially. There are often special rallies… Christmas Dinner, New Year, Factory visits, overseas rallies etc. New members and those new to rallying are always made welcome.
Our rallies are normally held on commercial sites with electric hook up and Rally site fees with us are usually less expensive than you would pay yourself
For each Rally you attend, you will get a commemorative placque to remind you of each rally and the making of new friends!
Club members will also receive a regular Newsletter with news of past Rallies and planned events.”

If you are interested in joining the club go here: Lunar Owners Club and complete the simple contact form to start the ball rolling.


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  1. Hi, anyone removed the bathroom vanity unit and sink unit from a 1997 meteorite. Got a leaky waste pipe that needs fixing. Any tips. Removed all screws and sealant but still stuck in place.

    Nicholas Wright   24 June 2022

  2. Hi Just bought a Lunar Clubman 475-2 EK and was wondering if anyone has a manual I could buy Many Thanks

    Tracey McClymont   27 March 2022

  3. Hi, I have a Lunar Clubman ES from new in 2019. The middle front pleated blind has broken, the string has come out on one side. Does anyone know how to repair OR where to go for a replacement blind?

    Kevin   23 March 2022

  4. Anyone can help me with a Lunar Meteorite S caravan handbook ?

    Baciu Gabriel   10 September 2020

  5. Just bought a 2019 Lunar Quasar 570 but they do not seem to exist on the internet

    Daniel Sellstrom   28 August 2020

  6. Hello, just bought a 1994 Venus 5 berth and am looking for an owners manual please. Thanks!

    Kenneth Finn   19 June 2020

  7. Hello Mike, do you still need the size of the sky light for your Chiron? I can measure ours for you.

    Steve Coley   11 December 2018

  8. Hi I’ve just purchased a 1995 lunar planet chiron 2 berth caravan and I need help with the bathroom sky light size so I can order a replacement doom any help much appreciated thanka

    Mike   17 August 2018

  9. Hi just bought lunar solar 524 2003, can’t get 12v to work unless running on 240v. Battery perfect & fully charged. Any ideas thanks in advance

    Paul Grey   31 May 2018

  10. Hi, we have just bought a in a quasar 544 ultima. I’m interested in other owners reviews

    Mark 63   9 May 2018

  11. Hi just brought a lunar clubman 475-2ck 1997. I am after a copy of the owners manual if anyone could help me where I could get one from. Thanks for the help

    Karl   3 March 2018

  12. Hi
    Just purchased a Lunar Quasar EB 2008
    but no manual/ handbook
    would be greatful for help as to where i would be able to purchase such
    many thanks in advance

    Liz Mc   8 May 2017

  13. Hi I have a 2014 Lunar Venus 490/4 and need to replace a wheel bearing, does anyone have the bearing specs please

    Mark   29 April 2017

  14. Just bought a 1999 Lunar Freelander 525 and don’t have a handbook. Can anyone help please?

    Dave Eckersall   15 April 2017

  15. hi, i have got a lunar solar 2003 but no manual can anyone help please. thanks

    ann wootton   14 April 2017

  16. Hi, I have just bought a Lunar Freelander 524 (2000), Can anyone let me know where I can get a Manual/handbook please, I dont even know where to plug the generator in!
    Any help would be much appreciated,
    Thanks, Mick.

    Mick Ford   2 April 2017

  17. Just purchased 2005 Lunar Chateau 450 but no handbook supplied.Can anyone help?

    Keith Stewart   25 February 2017

  18. Does ebay one have a 1992 metureite hand book for sale thankful please?

    David wragg   18 December 2016

  19. Hi I have just bought a lunar ariva 2 1997 and I have lost power to my plug sockets. Does any one know where the circuit breaker or fuse is located ? Thank you

    Kim Clarkson   27 May 2016

  20. hi I have just bought a 2007 lunar solaris I didn’t receive any if the owners handbooks or heating instructions plus I need some new interior parts anyone got or can send me in the right direction,cheers

    chris james   17 April 2016

  21. Hi just bought a luner delta tl 2009 what size battery do I need

    James   10 November 2015

  22. I have a 2000 solar eclipse I am having a problem with the 12vlt system although it works when on 240vlts it will not work when on battery only. I have just changed the battery for a new 12vlt one
    Can you please give me a clue
    Thanks Jim

    Jim Wood   5 September 2015

  23. Hi. We have 2007 lunar delta 2birth. The fuse has blown twice on the ultra heat switch. Any help

    Graham   25 August 2015

  24. hi can anyone tell me were i can get lunar meteor windows 1992 please tried most caravan breakers thanks can get in to my email can u call me on 01475638510 thanks

    alexis   12 June 2015

  25. hi i’ve just purchased a 1997 lunar ariva 4berth van would any one know were to get hold of one please ?? mick

    mick richards   11 June 2015

  26. I have for my sins a lunar stellar, year 2010 it has been a constant pain and cost , trouble from day one .my dealer gave me attitude when needing warranty work . I am looking for (2) struts that hold up the gas locker cover can anyone advise .I have asked local dealers they cant help they are not lunar dealers.   18 May 2015

  27. I have a lunar Ariva GT 1997 on 12” wheels, does anybody know the number for a replacement wheel bearing?

    Stephen Borrett   16 April 2015

  28. We have just bought a second hand Lunar Quasar. It didn’t come with any handbooks/guides. Any idea where you can get them from please, (ours is a 2005 model).

    Emma   25 February 2015

  29. Hi everyone – you may get a reply more easily via the Lunar Owners Club’s own website at

    John Leslie   14 February 2015

  30. Just bought a lunar clubman se 2015 pick up in May brill

    James denton   29 January 2015

  31. Current Lunar Handbooks

    For older ones you could try writing to Please let us know how you get on.

    Phil   28 August 2014

  32. Just bought a lunar lexon eb which I was told was a year 2003 howeverI believe it’s a 2000 model. Does anyone know how I can obtain a manual. Many thanks.

    Mark Dry   28 August 2014

  33. I would like a manual for a 2 birth Luner Clubman 1995 if anyone can help I would apreciate it.Thanks DH-J

    Davidhill- jones   31 July 2014

  34. Just bought 1994 Lunar Clubmn 2-berth.
    Any ideas where I can get an owners manual for it please ?>
    Chris Middleton

    Chris Middleton   31 July 2014

  35. Just purchased 2013 lunar quaser 524 looking for handbook

    Brian Malcomson   19 July 2014

  36. I have a 2008 lexon 640rs and a bulb has blown in the round light on the ceiling by the bed anybody know how to remove the cover .

    Adrian Hannaford   25 May 2014

  37. I would like to now what’s involved in your club at the moment I’m with the caravan club its getting to expensive I’m retired we have got 2009 luner lexon can you tell me ho is to join.

    michael proctor   30 April 2014

  38. Would like to join Lunar Owners Club as I’ve just bought a Clubman 390-2(about1993) and have never caravaned before and will be looking for manuals on how to use appliances etc

    Thx in advance

    Dave   9 March 2014

  39. We have recently bought a lunar quasar and would be interested in the lunar owners club

    Philip Wolstenholme   6 February 2014

  40. Have just bought a 1995 Lunar Clubman 400-2 and looking for handbook if anyone can help

    Ron Young   17 November 2013

  41. We have recently sold our Lunar Clubman SE and have for sale a brand new Protec full cover. Cost £387 never been used. Any reasonable offer accepted.

    Margaret   27 October 2013

  42. hi can anyone help I am selling my lunar luxor caravan 2007 eb
    but cant find the manuals or instructions for the appliances can anyone suggest where I may get copies please

    lynda   18 August 2013

  43. i’m looking for the awning size for a 1992 lunar clubman 475ck, can any one help, thanks

    david   15 August 2013

  44. Just purchased a 2008 Lunar Clubman 475CK, with no handbook, can anyone scan one in and email it to me or if you have a spare willing to pay postage etc, judging by the Dealer prices they must be gold plated

    Berrie   20 July 2013


    JEAN   17 June 2013

  46. Hi I Own a 2005 Lunar Ultimata 566 which I have had from new. I have found damp under the door and the timber needs replacing. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem and if so what did you do?

    The Pooles   29 May 2013

  47. Can anybody tell me the correct size awning for a delta TI 2012

    Dave   23 May 2013

  48. we are planning to buy a lunar freelander 2007,has anyone got any information on this model

    Pat Allen   4 January 2013

  49. Thanks for your quick response re Holland Rally l look forward to hearing from the organiser\rally marshall whom l understand is at your new year rally . I understand she/he will contact on her return home.Happy New Year Ken & Jane

    Ken&Jane Fathers   31 December 2012

  50. Are there still any vacancies on you Holland Rally with L.O.Club Thanks Ken,

    Ken Fathers   20 December 2012

  51. Hi I am about to take delivery of a Lexon 420 2012 model, does anyone know what number insert will fit my Alko wheel lock receiver that will already be fitted. The Alko site includes all Lexons except the 420 which is now discontinued. Just my luck!

    Brian Gregory   19 October 2012

  52. HI i have a 1994 lunar meteor could anyone tell me what size awning i need many thanks

    Brian Bunker   6 August 2012

  53. Have just ordered a Lunar Clubman SB and are looking forward to July when we get it.

    Judith Burroughes   21 February 2012

  54. do you have any meets in the south i.e kent and sussex

    p.drage   25 January 2012

  55. hi have just bought a 1987 lunar clubman 390 2 caravan and wish to join the club

    PHILIP PRESTWOOD   4 September 2011

  56. have just bought renault lunar home car like to join your lunar club thanks sheila

    sheila reed   7 August 2011

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