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The Swift Owners' Club

Swift Owners Club

Membership of the Swift Owners’ Club offers you more opportunities to enjoy the use of your caravan or motorhome, making the most of your precious leisure hours. Whether you are single, a couple, family or retired the Club welcomes all owners of Swift Group caravans and motorhomes.

“We are a truly national club and on average, each year, we organise around 80 rallies (A rally is simply a meeting or get-together of like-minded people, in a social atmosphere, with friends old and new). Our rallies are spread across the country plus some abroad.”

Membership costs just £18 a year and you get a £5 Rally Voucher to use on your first rally.

Link to club website The Swift Owners’ Club


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  1. Hi I need to replace the kitchen sink drainpipe does anyone have any tips


    Tony Coles   3 March 2019

  2. please refresh my memory on gas heater operations in a swift challenger530 2003

    Paul Harris   9 October 2016

  3. Could any one give some advise on how to deal with a fridge not working does not get cold we have a swift 2001 we have tried on mains,but not on gas

    Simon willuams   15 August 2016

  4. Do you know where we could get a replacement door for a swift silhouette caravan 1991/1992. ?

    Sandra Owen   29 April 2016

  5. I have a swift.conqueror 550 salon and do not have the alarm codes the alarm goes of had to unplug it to stop were will I get the code from

    Dawn Tweddle   21 February 2016

  6. I have just replaced my 12 Volt leisure battery in my caravan with an 86 amp hour capacity. Can anyone advise me how I can check that this is correct.

    Peter Bush   20 December 2015

  7. Can anyone give me advice,I have a swift signature 2001 ,my truma gas fire won’t ignite it has automatic ignition, any one got any ideas why ,could it be battery box ,have replaced battery but nothing,it just doesn’t click at all .grateful for any help thanks

    Tracy Watkins   31 October 2015

  8. can I replace just the fly screen on a 2000 classic 2berth right hand front window If not what will I need

    Geoff barlow   13 September 2015

  9. Can I replace the fly screen on right hand front window on a 2000 classic 2berth

    Geoff barlow   13 September 2015

  10. Can any one help with the alarm on my 1996 conquoueror there is no fob and don’t no the code   6 September 2015

  11. Hi, I have a 1987 swift silhouette and need a replacement front door lock. Any ideas of what I can get and where from.
    Thanks in advance for your help

    Mark Brailsford   15 August 2015

  12. I need to replace a roof light in my 1998 Abbey Vogue GTS 416. I need to remove the fly screen frame from inside but instead of 4 screws there just appear to be plastic pegs.Does anyone know if these are just screw covers that can be flicked off or some sort of plastic rivet as I need to remove them ? Thanks

    ROY TYZACK   27 May 2015

  13. I need to get a new light fitting for my swift conqueror, 1998 but I don’t know from where?

    delphine   21 February 2015

  14. Anyone tell me which hitchlock to buy for a swift conqueror 545 2013 model many thanks

    Tuba   13 February 2015

  15. Can I have the blown air heating on without bring connected to the water in a swift corniche 20/6 caravan

    Paul Adams   29 December 2014

  16. I have a swift charisma 550
    2001 I have a odd window colour on front offside where will I be able to get a replacement

    val woods   29 October 2014

  17. I have a 2008 swift challenger 540 the clock in the caravan is not working how do I fix it please.

    Ian   13 October 2014

  18. I have a 1998 Corniche 15/2E and would like to get a manual for this caravan so can anyone point me in the right direction, website etc etc. Cheers, Shug.

    Hugh Taylor   14 August 2014

  19. Does anyone have or know where I can get a user manual for a swift corvette it came without a manual and we don’t know how the pump works :-(

    Marie   31 July 2014

  20. Hi
    We have a swift challenger 440/4 year 1992.
    We have recently lost the gas compartment door,can anyone help please??

    Mark   27 May 2014

  21. Hi,i have a 1996 Corniche 15/2.Its developed an electrical fault.When 240v or even an external charger connected all the 12v systems work.When using the 12v battery alone nothing works.Any advice gladly recieved

    Chris   5 May 2014

  22. need a swift conqueror 550 salon handbook or manual.

    a maughan   23 April 2014

  23. Hi could anyone tell me what hitch lock I need for a 1999 swift corniche thanks

    Julie   4 March 2014

  24. where is the light switch in the bathroom on a swift 400se ?

    lyndon   19 February 2014

  25. I have a Challenger 570 se bought in 2011, it has 72% damp at the front end and various damp areas throughout. It is falling apart in lots of other areas and I'm fed up with it. Shoddy work. Beware. Would you reject it?

    Nigel Lewis   4 October 2013

  26. does anyone know where to get the original decals for a 1988 swift corvette please email the webmaster and he'll pass on the details.

    riley   14 August 2013

  27. I have just bought an old Swift Rapid 12/4 1988 and need to know where to find the chassis number which is stamped somewhere. Thank you

    Sandra Dimitrova   11 August 2013

  28. Need to replace kitchen tap on swift utopia caravan (2003, series 530). Do I have to remove fridge to do it and if so how?
    Jul 2013

    Richard   10 July 2013

  29. I have a 1990 corniche, but it does not have any waste pipes for the 2 sinks, please can anyone tell me what size I need to get, as there are 3 sizes.
    Thank you,

    rose jones   7 July 2013

  30. I have a 2010 corniche 15/2 im having trouble with the window blinds the bung at the ends keep popping out the sides seem to be very slack ive just come back from France very hot and the window slides got very loose .Has anybody else had this problem

    Pete   4 July 2013

  31. Hi All, I have just bought a 1997 swift duette classic,it has no manual does anyone have a copy or any ideas where i can get one, Thanks.

    Kev G   26 June 2013

  32. I need a rear offside skirt for a 2000 Corniche 15/2E SB.
    Can anyone help please?

    Philip McKeown   21 May 2013

  33. Does anyone know where I can get a gas locker door for a rapide 2berth 1994 van?

    Rebecca   13 May 2013

  34. we have a swift caravan Challenger 470/2se 1992. we are in need of a Power managment system PMS1. Can you please help us to find one. many thanks Sue.

    susan ellis   11 May 2013

  35. Hi, we have just bought a swift fairway 2013, has anybody else got one? Do you have problems with the fridge not working when you are towing?

    victoria   7 May 2013

  36. Looking to buy a 2nd hand Mr Shifta, if any one has one they don’t want anymore? Thankyou

    Kay moss   17 February 2013

  37. I have just bought a new swift escape m/home & find the n/side front habitation window has a faulty seal which lets in water,also mould under same window on inside .Is this a fault with escapes or a one off?

    Bernie Mckevitt   9 December 2012

  38. Any one heard of front windos leaking on a 15/2e and and tips

    andrew   27 August 2012

  39. I have just bought a replacement window for my 1996 Classic Silhouette from the Caravan Centre Blaenavon. They have 6000 in stock. I took a picture of my window and added the dimensions together with make year and model. Try them you may be lucky. Sid

    solarsid   1 August 2012

  40. can anyone help me i need afront gas locker door for a 1995/96 swift rapide 07901587852 thanks

    alan braid   26 April 2012

  41. hi i have a swift corniche 15/2e 1998 i have two broken front windows can someone please help is there another model that will fit thanks graham

    graham bowley   23 April 2012

  42. hi anybody tell me how to change the waste pipe on shower sink in my challenger many thanks

    ric   14 November 2011


    MR B SCANE (BRIAN)   26 September 2011

  44. i have a swift corniche 15/2e 1998 model i am after some secondhand front windows ,it there another swift caravan that uses the same size ,please can you help ,graham

    graham   25 June 2011

  45. we have just bought our first second hand caravan{swift corvette c0wtite}
    we are having a few probs as there are no instuctions .we dont know how to use the frigde or porta pottie?
    there is no cable proprely attached to get a hook up,we dont know what battery to get and so on can anybody please help.novice from shropshire?

    ian and victoria kilty   16 August 2010

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