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Dandy Owners Club

The Dandy Owners Club was established in 1995 as a club for the owners of Dandy Folding Campers. They now have over 250 members and hold regular rallies across the Great Britain at camping and caravan sites.

“The Club produces its own quarterly magazine which is full of information, technical articles, and rally reports and much more.”

Owners of Dandy or Riva folding campers can qualify as members.

Link to club website: Dandy Owners Club

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  1. Am after a small dandy camper must be sensible in price if you have text me on 07967585868 or email me jeremy (am based in Devon)

    Jeremy   29 October 2015

  2. Please advise your Members that certain Go Green Adventure Camping Venues will welcome up to 5 max Trailer Tents. Enquiries welcome. John Walden. JW Leisure Ltd.

    John Walden   8 April 2015

  3. Hi, I have a brown & mustard colored dandy (think its a dart) I’m wanting to know what the 4 pronged things that help keep the awning together/up are called I have 2 & I need a 3rd ?
    If some kind person could please enlighten me on this subject matter I would greatly appreciate it :)

    Scott   5 November 2014

  4. I am looking at a destiny and wondered if anyone has fitted a caravan mover to one and what sort if they have. Thanks

    Stephen dawber   26 August 2014

  5. i have a brown & mushroom awning from a 1982 dandy windows to either side of door on ebay now ! if anyone interested

    graham   7 July 2014

  6. Hi I’ve just bought a 60s dandy it’s a mid blue with a green roof the door is hinged on the right ; all the others I’ve seen aren’t the same it’s 4 ft wide 6/6 ft long is it original or been changed over it’s long life, can you help, willbe joining dandy club soon, perhaps one of your members owned before, from Peterborough

    Steve hanson   21 May 2014

  7. Hi Lisa, I’m interested! Where abouts is it? Thanks,

    Jon   15 May 2014

  8. Hi lisa, where are they and how much are they looking for?

    Matt   15 May 2014

  9. My parents are looking at selling a 70’s dandy 6 berth in excellent condition looks new even today!!! Do you know of any one that would be interested it is immaculate!!!

    Lisa   10 May 2014

  10. Looking for an awning to fit a 1982 dandy Regency, Brown Walls White roof. has windows either side of door.

    bryan   28 August 2013

  11. Hello
    I am after an awning for my 1984 dandy dart (brown and mushroom)
    Cash waiting, if zips need replacing, not a problem, long as everything is there.. Must be for the tent with windows, as there were 2 different types of awning produced for it, one with,one without windows.

    Amanda   5 June 2013

  12. Looking for a dandy design to upgrade from our tent around £600 .
    THE BIG CAMP kelling health here we come (rain and -2 brrr).

    simon barber   21 April 2013

  13. Looking for a Dandy Destiny if anyone can help?

    Julie Thorley   28 March 2013

  14. Looking for a Dandy Delta any age to enable travel in U.K. on a pension!!

    Polly James   17 October 2012

  15. Desperately looking to buy a dandy any sort age etc but can only spend upto £600 I know its a big ask but we are desperate thanks

    Jeff Mcloughlin   3 August 2012

  16. anyone please jeff

    jeff   21 April 2012

  17. will a peugeot 206 pull a dandy ok

    jeff   16 April 2012

  18. Hello, I am a member and have been for a number of years but have now stopped receiving emails and details of the rallies, could you please look into this, thanks!

    Gavin Harrison   24 January 2012

  19. Hi Terry,

    I can’t answer your question directly but this site might help although it is more aimed at caravans.

    The site has an option for a “trailer tent” and the only one is 400kgs. The smallest Dandy is 350kgs. If you run the check you will see that it says that a 400kg trailer tent is 150kgs too heavy.

    Sorry I can’t be more positive.



    Phil   7 July 2011

  20. I'm interested in buying a dandy would like to know if my car can pull it a corsa 950 engine

    terry   7 July 2011

  21. Hi Martin,
    Do you still have your Dandy for sale? We are interested (living in the Netherlands….)
    Hester 28 January 2011

    Hester   28 January 2011

  22. I have an Dandy Tent Trailer about 40 years old in excellent condidtion for sale if anyone is interested thank you

    Martin   2 September 2010

  23. Owned our Delta from new in 1992. Had it winterised 2009 and now have awning as well as canopy & walls.

    Malcolm   9 August 2010

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