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This is a relatively new online club for owners of Raclet Trailer Tents. It has a very useful discussion forum where new owners are helped by more experienced members, rallies are announced and general camping issues are discussed. It also has a section concerning instructions for your Raclet, and names of distributors.

If you have a Raclet this site is well worth a visit.

Link to club website:
Raclet Owners Club
Raclet Owners Club Discussion Forum


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  1. Can any body help me I’m after a raclet tribune awning annex as mine has been taken out of my trailer tent and left out side of it to get damp and rot if any one has one for sale pls send a message on thanks court

    Courtney Thomas   31 May 2021

  2. For sale 2012 racket movea trailer tent immac Inside and out fully loaded fridge chairs kitchen cooker gas pots pans mugs plates cutlery hook up and go bargain 1000

    Michael Langwith   7 May 2021

  3. we have just purchased a trailer tent wanting to know model its emerald green with orange and inside is a creamy colour and has grey leafy pattern .we are also wanting to replace the inner bedroom linings ,does anyone know if I could purchase them, plus any intructions to put awning up as seem to have more poles than neccessary .plus a canvas that we think could be an extendsion

    lorraine sellers   1 April 2021

  4. How can I find out make/model and age of my trailer tent

    Kerry Lambert   3 January 2021

  5. Looking for a raclet solena trailer tent All the ones I have seen have been too far away to travel my husband has had a stroke and want something simple to go for some overnight stays with our little dogs Please help thanks jo

    Mrs jo heaton   1 August 2019

  6. Just bought a second hand Raclet Minto Trailer Tent. We had one about 12 years ago but could do with an instruction manual to remind us how to set it up. Where can I get a copy? Thanks for any help. :)

    Mrs Julie Veale   25 July 2018

  7. Good morning
    I was just wondering if anyone could advise me on how and where to advertise my Raclet Tamaris 2007 folding camper for sale.
    It comes with full awning , curtains and hasnt any rips or tears.
    Grill in oven or castle toilet never used.
    A caravan shop offered us £1300 but admitted it would be up for sale much higher within the week !!
    Please help me on what I could do next. Many thanks

    Faye   3 September 2017

  8. Hi, I am trying to find an awning for a Raclet Solena, one of the green/orange ones would be preferable.

    If anyone can help please email

    Carla   21 June 2017

  9. Hi I have a racket 1970 aurore 5 tent for sale. Model MA-365-4-A-2 PROMO ITALIE

    Great condition for its age.

    Here you can find some pics of the same model from a Japanese vintage site ->

    If interested please get in touch.

    Teti from Italy   9 May 2017

  10. Hi I am looking for a Raclet Solena bedroom Annex green/orange 2008 model
    thanks steven

    steven neary   20 September 2016

  11. replacement LIBERTY outer tent wanted if anyone know of one for sale

    lisa   10 August 2016

  12. recently acquired flores 480r ,absolutely love it but awning is way too big for our needs ,do raclet do a smaller awning for this trailer tent and if so where can i get one regards jez

    raclet flores 480r   24 September 2015

  13. Hi I’m looking for sun canopy poles for my Raclet Solena 2007 can anyone help or advise where there’s stockist.
    E-Mail please thanks.

    Robert   15 September 2015

  14. Peter. What email address do you want the Cortina manual Emailing too?

    Alternatively, If anyone is on FACEBOOK theirs a very good Raclet site on there with most instructions and manuals available. .

    Darren   29 July 2015

  15. Has any one got a moovea front awning in green& sand for sale 16.7.15

    Jeff   16 July 2015

  16. we have just purchased a Raclet Sprint 2003 model, has anyone got the awning instructions in English they could email me please

    Gill   13 July 2015

  17. if anyone has a storage box for sale please let me know

    ian   1 July 2015

  18. Like many others in this club I am looking for some instructions. I just purchased a 1994 Cortina here in Tucson, Arizona and apparently Raclets in the USA are rarer than hens teeth. Does anyone know of, or have, a PDF of the instructions that can be emailed? Thank you for any help you may have in this regard. Pete

    Peter Kate   16 June 2015

  19. just moved from tent to trailer tent raclet minto. Can you help me find instructions it about a 1988 one

    Noel Taylor   1 June 2015

  20. Hi I have a raclet 1988 trailer tent for sale. Great condition for its age. 3MTR awning ,skirt, pup tent , electric hook up , spare wheel etc. Instructions included. If interested please get in touch.

    Keren   16 May 2015

  21. Hi I have a racket 1988 trailer tent for sale. Great condition for its age. 3MTR awning and pup tent , electric hook up , spare wheel etc. Instructions included. If interested please get in touch.

    Keren   16 May 2015

  22. Please advise your Members that certain camping Venues will welcome up to a max of 5 Trailer Tents, Enquiries welcome.

    John Walden   8 April 2015

  23. hi I have just bought a Raclet Pathanon trailer tent and the instruction leaflet I have is in French and from the diagrams its all about taking the body off the frame does any one know where I can get some instruction in English about the putting up and folding away and any maintenance i need to know about cheer Ron

    Ron   21 March 2015

  24. hi i have a 1980 raclet trailer tent needs new bed boards has no kitchen canvas is good and has a complete awning too good to scrap going cheap !

    robert   7 December 2014

  25. I have a RACLET Marathon Trailer Tent & Awnings – Can anyone help with Assembly Instructions as at 3.6 Metres the Canvas is heavy to lift to full height of the Ridge Pole

    Gordon Dunbar   20 October 2014

  26. Can any one help me, with a manuel for a ROTUNDE GB SPECLAL 5 man frame tent. the one i have is in french. as any one got one in English,

    stan   31 August 2014

  27. I have just purchased a Raclet Liberty trailer tent and i was trying to find out how old it is, does any one know what year they were made


    john   27 August 2014

  28. i have purchased a racelet regent and it is a 1995.
    can any one give me instructions as to putting it up.regards martin…

    martin   24 August 2014

  29. does anyone have the instruction guide for the awning for a raclet tribune 4 berth.
    Much appreciated

    john   9 August 2014

  30. Just bought a 2nd hand raclet tribune trailer tent. Does anyone have instructions on how to erect the awning? We’re at a loss. Any help would be appreciated.

    Lynn   3 August 2014

  31. Hi, can anyone tell me where I can get a Racelet Minto trailer tent awning? Thanks

    Angela   2 August 2014

  32. hi all looking to buy a raclet solena 2 berth in scotland if poss

    phil   31 July 2014

  33. hi..we have a 2005 marathon, the awning has pole damage to the first three poles that attach to the tent.They are the ones with the hook ends. can anyone suggest a supplier please? many thanks..stu

    stu and sue   4 July 2014

  34. any one got a racelet quickstop skirt out there urgent

    alex   2 June 2014

  35. Instuction raclet minto trailer tent awning

    Tony vigar   19 May 2014

  36. I have just bought a Raclet Quickstop trailer tent,is there any plans of how it goes together available. It been a few years since I put one up and don't want to look a total plank when i start putting it up. Can anyone help please, thanks

    Lionel-Cirulis   18 May 2014

  37. I am looking for a sun canopy for my Raclet Quickstop trailer tent.

    Dave Perry   11 May 2014

  38. Hi We are looking for an awning for our Minto and live in the Cornwall area any out there please?
    Rob& Caron

    Rob & Caron   22 April 2014

  39. Hi I am wanting to buy the main sleeping pods for a Raclet Parthenon, can anybody point me in the right direction to buy them please?

    Rachel Slater   13 April 2014

  40. does anyone have the erection plans for a raclet solera please just brought one for my daughter and her children but not sure on how to erect the awning

    ann wood   9 April 2014

  41. Hi I have a Raclet Liberty, but no instructions how to put it up. Can anybody please help? Many thanks

    christine skelton   15 March 2014

  42. I’m interested JO NEEDLER, but £450 is too much for me.

    Would you consider £300

    Dan O'Sullivan   8 December 2013

  43. i am after a second hand sun canopy for my solena
    can anyone help please

    alan mckee   19 November 2013

  44. Hi,

    Does anyone please know where I can find a sun canopy for a 2005/06 model Raclet Quickstop?

    Kim   2 October 2013

  45. We’re looking to sell our Raclet Tribune 1996 Trailer Tent. It is in very good condition. Large awning with colour coded poles. 6/8 berth. Comes with extras. £450.00 but all serious offers considered.

    Reply with a comment and I'll put you in touch ed.

    JO NEEDLER   28 September 2013

  46. Hi, I’m looking for a Raclet Tribune/Cortina awning. I have all the poles – but the canvas is missing. Any ideas?



    Dan O'Sullivan   8 September 2013

  47. I have a 1996 Raclet Tribune but the awning is massive too much for me and hubby to put up. Does anyone know if there is a smaller awning or a sun canopy that I can get to fit instead?

    JOANNE HELEN NEEDLER   1 September 2013

  48. Hi All,
    We have recently purchased a 2004 model Flores 230 trailer tent – WE LOVE IT!
    We are now deperatley looking for a couple of extras – we would love to get the extension awning which i believe is about 1.2m? and also the “pup tents” to put underneath – we are really struggling to find these on line!
    If anyone has any for sale of knows where I could get them from I would really appreciate it!

    Lisa Jenkins   1 September 2013

  49. Hoi,
    Ik heb een Raclet vouwwagen Safran met hardtop en wil deze verkopen. Hoe kom ik erachter hoe oud deze is? Heb alleen een soort chassisnummer dat begint met VGHCP….

    I have a Raclet folding hardtop with Safran and want to sell. How do I know how old it is? Have only one type of chassis number that begins with VGHCP….

    Translated from Dutch to English using Google Translate.

    Chris T   24 August 2013

  50. Re barry ive got a four birth raclet marathon and i towed it for the first time this week on a ford focus i couldnt even tell i was towing it only thing u could tell is your braking distance is longer and if your on a bumpy road its a bit bouncy carnt see u having any problems

    leemac   13 August 2013

  51. Hi, I’m going to look at a s/h 2 berth Raclet trailer tent model not known at this time. Could any one tell me if I can tow it with a 1199cc Vauxhall Corsa. Could some one let me know as asap. Thanks, Barry

    barry rabbatts   11 August 2013

  52. Hi
    I’ve just purchased a Raclet Solena Trailer tent and am looking for a Sun Canopy and a bedroom extension if anyone can help. Thanks Veronica

    Veronica   28 July 2013

  53. Looking for awning for raclet marathon..1999 model but not fussed on colour.

    Alan   21 July 2013

  54. am looking for an awning for my 2010 moovea can any one help thanks

    simon   9 July 2013

  55. just purchased a raclet trailer tent .where do i find out what moel it is i have been told it is about 7 years old. what more info would you need to help

    slines   8 June 2013

  56. I am looking for a copy of the instructions for the Raclet Jasmine if anyone could email me a copy I would be so grateful. Thank you

    Tamela Burckhardt   4 June 2013

  57. Hi joanna,
    Your water pump problems are just like mine, the first problem is the submersible pump, which had blown, the cause of this is likely to be the electric wires inside the folding toilet wall which fray at the hinge area.
    I renewed the toilet light wiring in the wall and remade the feed and return under the sink area, fed it into the toilet area and into a 12v socket, the wires from the toilet light i brought out above the hinge and fixed on a 12v 2pin plug, now when setting up plug in after folding up toilet wall plug in new submersible pump and fixed, hopefully. I went through many fuses before i sussed the wonderful french wiring system, aargh.

    Neil Phillips   28 May 2013

  58. Hi, looking for a set of instructions, manual, spare parts list for Raclet Parthenon Trailer Tent. need to replace awning frame poles.

    Jon Mott   27 May 2013

  59. 2006 Raclet Tamaris for sale 6 berth folding camper, with external electric and gas points. New 3 way fridge, used for 3 weeks only + NEW 1.5m sun canopy in matching canvas used for 1 week only. In good condition. Please email for further details.

    David Didsbury   17 May 2013

  60. 2007 Raclet Tamaris Water problems. No electrics going thru to water pump to power running water n flush on loo! Ignition on cooker working though. Changed all fuses and tested water pump but still no power. Can anybody help. Worked fine on our previous camping trip!

    Joanna Gates   12 May 2013

  61. I’m looking for a sun canopy/smaller awning for a ’96 Raclet Tribune



    Bushell   6 April 2013

  63. Raclet tamaris 2006 for sale immaculate condition garaged for last 5 years

    R Davies   16 February 2013

  64. Wanted raclet marathon awning URGENT

    sheree   24 January 2013

  65. i am looking for a spare wheel for my minto wheel size = 4.25×8

    steve   25 September 2012

  66. Hi I wish to buy s/h raclet solena awning anyone with one to sell please contact me .

    Pat A   18 September 2012

  67. Just bought a Raclet Minto trailer tent. Not sure how old. Pale blue trailer and canvas is pale blue, grey and pink. I cannot fathom out all the poles and I am looking for assembly instructions if anyone can help please.

    Terry Smart   15 July 2012

  68. For Sale raclet racking for top box if anyone interested and I'll put you in touch

    Sharon   3 July 2012


    Phil   24 June 2012

  70. Does anybody know anywhere to get replacement parts ie screw down leg for trailer.

    David crooks   24 June 2012

  71. please can enyone help im looking for a place where i can get replacement poles for my minto tent i am having trouble putting my awning together i have just brought from ebay it seems there are some missing or im not doing it right is there a manuel on this also if enyone can help please email me thanks mick i live there heathrow

    micheal spilsbury   5 June 2012

  72. Where can I obtain an awning for my 2005 model Raclet Solena please?

    Stuart Clive Skeplorn   25 April 2012

  73. I wish to buy a S/H solena I am at Poole rain.back@hot

    Mr Gordon Rainback   11 October 2011

  74. I have a racelet trailer tent which I am dismanteling and all parts are available. The trailer is in good condition. Enquiries. call 0777 26 88 77 5
    Many thanks

    Ro   6 October 2011

  75. can anyone tell me where i can get a sun canopy for my jasmin/santale

    jason rose   4 September 2011

  76. my grand daughter has just purchased a Raclewt trailer tent .The weight is 450 kg can her partner tow this on an ordinary driving licence ?

    malcolm harding   16 January 2011

  77. can anyone please help
    i need the center cross beam awning pole the one that joins front and center top pole

    robbie   18 September 2010

  78. Looking to find out how long is a raclet acroppolis trailer tent. ta

    carol   7 April 2010

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