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Pennine Owners Club

The Pennine Owners Club is the only club exclusively for the owners of Pennine Folding Campers, and since 2003 for owners of folding campers produced by the Pennine Leisure Group. The club was founded in 1994 with the support of the manufacturer, but remains totally independant.

The club sets out to provide a family friendly series of events throughout the camping season. To this end the club chooses sites which provide suitable facilities for you and your family to enjoy camping with them. The club is relatively small with numbers generally varying between 100 and 150 members over the past few years, enabling many people to become good long term friends.

There are approximately ten weekend meets over the season, and a main holiday meet during the school holidays.

The club also issues a magazine three times a year called The Pennine Ways.

Current membership rates are £20 per year and have been this price since 1 September 2010. But the negotiated rates for pitches at meets may save you this in a very short time.

Link to club website: Pennine Owners Club


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  1. Would anyone have a wheel arch trim for a Pennine Sterling mid 90’s.
    Thank you

    Nicholas   21 October 2020

  2. Does anyone have a 2015 or newer Pennine Fiesta for sale?

    Charlie Harrison   6 March 2018

  3. Please advise your Members that a number of Go Green Adventure Camping Venues will welcome up to a max of 5 Trailer Tents. Enquires welcome

    John Walden   8 April 2015

  4. just bought a very old pennine Aztec and need help with working out the awning as thnk got pieces missing, tia

    george   8 August 2014

  5. Erecting instruction for raclet minto

    Tony vigar   10 May 2014

  6. hi there we have just brought an pennine azte trailer tent we believe its a 1989 model and we would like to know if we can get an inner tent and a handbook.If anyone knows were we can purchase these items would be very grateful.Thank you

    michelle fox   22 August 2013

  7. We require an inner bedroom tent for our 1985 Penine Aztec any idea where we may purchase one. thankyou.
    Rosemary Sanders 15 july 2013

    Rosemary Sanders   16 July 2013

  8. could any one help me i have a 1985 penine trailer tent does any one know where i could get replacement knobs for the cooker it is a cooker & sink togethere there is no model number on it we have tried all over but they want a model number can any one help us thank you.

    mr derek harpin   16 May 2013

  9. Hi we have recently purchased a Pennine Fiesta and we are having problems with the bed which is really wet in the morning we were wandering if we should fold away the plastic cover which is attached to the bed under the mattress and if anyone knows a better way would you let me know it is a 2006 model Thank you.

    Jeanetta Smith   20 September 2012

  10. Has anyone repanneled and refloored a Pennine Pulman and if so how do you attach the pannels.

    Many Thanks


    Chris Shelton   29 July 2012

  11. Hi!! I bought a pennine Aztec trailer tent (1989 model) and just need some corner steadies if anyone has some?? They are in line whereas the modern equivalent is in a T shape. I need all 4 corner steadies.
    Please help!! Also if you have the bedroom legs that would be awesome too.

    Rich   29 October 2011

  12. Can anyone help me. I have just bought a 1997 Pennine Aztec folding Camper but dont have a manual,

    Bob Smith   3 August 2011

  13. hi I have just got a old Pennine Aztec and would like to know where I can get get instructions from thanks, jackie x

    Jackie Hannaford   26 March 2011

  14. Sorry i have just bought a Aztec 1989 model and i was wondering if i could be cheeky and ask if you know where i can find instructions on how to erect the pole’s for the awning ……thank you …got me baffled

    david hurst   7 September 2010

  15. Recomended pulman service centre?
    Northern Ireland or South of England

    Michael Poynor   14 April 2010

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