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Trailer Tent and Folding Camper Group

The Trailer Tent and Folding Camper Group of the Camping and Caravanning Club

This club is a special interest section of the Camping and Caravanning Club

If you are already a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club and own a folding camper or trailer tent this is the club for you.

They have four active Areas – The North East, Yorkshire, South East, North London & Eastern Counties and South West.

The site has general information about the club, club news from your local area, and information on their annual birthday meet.

Link to club website: Trailer Tent Group


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  1. I have found to get to know your unit is to unpack it spread it out on the lawn or drive and walk round it and work out what goes where that is where the fun starts puting it together it works for me get fellow campers you know to help good luck and good camping ray.

    raymond padget   4 November 2020

  2. Have just purchased a second hand Raclet trailer tent Quickstop version with awning but no instructions for erection awning. Can anyone help. Its approx 6 years old.

    Thanks.   26 March 2017

  3. hoping someone could help please,

    I have a Cabanon Galaxy Trailer Tent and wondering what the length Is ASAP as we have no measurements.

    Have to let the holiday booking know the size.


    emma   3 June 2014

  4. hi we are hoping some one may be able to help us we have purchased a Conway cambourne 400dl and are looking for a manueal on the correct way to erect a photo copy would do and we are willing to pay for the copying many thanks

    shirley hickling   14 April 2014


    trevor wall   16 February 2014

  6. Recently bought a Trigano Chantilly GL, advice needed re putting awning up. Thanks.

    Chris Quest   15 May 2013

  7. Looking for CA sites

    Judith Bueno   24 July 2012

  8. I have recently purchased a second hand Raclet Solena and wish to add an awning. Can anyone help please?

    Stuart Clive Skeplorn   30 April 2012

  9. hi i was left a conway camarque trail tent my mum when she past away no hand book to put up can someone help me please

    mark watkins   27 November 2010

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