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The Gay Caravan & Motorhome Club

Gaya Caravan Club

The Gay Caravan & Camping Club a UK-based club for lesbians and gay men, who own a Caravan, Tent or Motorhome and are looking for an opportunity to meet up in a relaxed atmosphere with other like minded people.

“The prime function of the G.C.C. club is to provide the opportunity for a social meeting point for lesbians and gay men who follow their hobby in camping. Whether this is in a caravan, tent or motorhome, they know they can relax in the company of like-minded people.”

The club meets are often held on sites which are in use by other members of the public and families and whilst the club has a relaxed attitude to most things there are a set of guidelines designed to protect the reputation of the club and ensure that they are welcome back to all sites that they use. The club welcomes members with children but states “Club events and get togethers after 8pm are strictly adults only (18+)”

Annual membership which is open to UK and European residents is £15

The Gay Caravan & Motorhome Club


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  1. Would like to join. How do i go about it.

    Marti   25 March 2022

  2. Go to this website and fill in the membership form, perhaps.

    Phil   21 September 2021

  3. How do I join the club? And get details about meets. I’m from Greater Manchester so if most meets are down south it’s probably not practical for me.

    Robert Collinge   21 September 2021

  4. The GCMC is thriving as a Club and continues to welcome new members, just get in touch for more information or check out our website. Stay Safe

    GCMC   14 May 2021

  5. Hi Linda and Helen, sorry but we are uk based, however if you are looking for anything specific then let me know and I will try and help you out, x

    Steve - GCMC Chairman   4 February 2018

  6. Do you have a link for NewZealand as we will be travelling in a camper van there for 5 weeks in April 2018. Preferably not using FacaBook. Many thanks.

    Linda & Helen

    Linda / Canada   31 January 2018

  7. Hi Pam and Audra, please check out our website for more information,

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Steve – GCMC Chairman

    Steve - GCMC Chairman   8 August 2017

  8. Please can you tell me more about the club and are pets aloud on site

    Audra Thomas   6 August 2017

  9. Hi. Me and my partner have a caravan and am interested in joining the group.

    Pam y collier   17 July 2017

  10. Hi Marty We have a mixture of males and females both couples and singles in the Club, and its a great way of meeting new friends. please check out our website for more info on the GCMC

    Steve - GCMC Chairman   31 May 2017

  11. Hi I’m interested in joining. I have a vw camper and am single looking for a guy. Any suggestions

    Marty   10 May 2017

  12. We have continued to be the UK’s longest running club, with great members discounts, free raffles and so much more, just check us out for more info at (January 2017)

    GCMC Chairman   15 January 2017

  13. The GCMC has been going strong since 1990, please do get in touch for more information or to Join.. or visit the website

    GCMC Chairman   9 September 2016

  14. Dear All
    Sorry for the delayed response, for more information or to join the club you can take a look at our website, alternatively leave me your e mail address and I will get in contact.

    Alternatively e mail me at

    GCMC Chairman   8 September 2016

  15. would like to know if you have many meets in scotland and how to join. thanks

    Ina Anderson   21 August 2016

  16. Details of how to join please

    Linda scott   28 July 2016

  17. The Wheel Caravan Park is a new campsite next to the Falkirk Wheel in Scotland.All Gay Caravan Club members are welcome.Iain

    iain   7 July 2016

  18. Hia

    If this club is a gay and lesbian camping and caravaning club I’m interested in joining with my girlfriend please. ♀

    Jo Stephens   5 December 2015

  19. Will join Asap, in March. Can’t believe I’ve gotta wait that long!

    D. Westbrook   29 November 2015

  20. I
    nteresting in joining, computer skills not very good, a phone no would help

    Dave Phillips   23 September 2015

  21. hi I am a gay senior single women who would like to know more about your club before I join thank you x

    marjorie fry   28 August 2015

  22. We would like to join this club – please would you advise whether you also have a facebook page.
    Many thanks

    Kae & Dawn   20 July 2015

  23. Hi. We would like to join the club please. We have a camper/caravan. Thanks

    Pam   3 July 2015

  24. Hi I’m interested in joining, have just bought another motor home but now I’m a senior citizen and on my own so sometimes I could do with company.

    Sherry Bowman   4 June 2015

  25. hi everyone i have an adult only rally field if you are interested in holding a rally fishing is on site a countryside location on the east coast not far from skegness please get in touch or look at my website

    michelle   1 June 2015

  26. Yes, the club is still running. There is a new website, which is which gives details. Look forward to meeting everyone :-)

    David Conroy   22 February 2015

  27. Is the club still operating ?
    We would like to join if possible

    garry herrington   11 February 2015

  28. Just wondering if you coordinate with other gay groups such as GOC?

    John   9 February 2015

  29. Hi guys i’m a single gay male interested in joining this club. How do i go about joining? Would like to get away before the season ends.
    Cheers Ian

    Ian Smith   13 September 2014

  30. Hi are you guys camping this week if so where and could we join you all we are 2 lesbian friends with 2 dogs looking to camp in a touring caravan this week for a couple of days intially as my friend has now got her tow bar on and we would love to join like minded women and gay men
    Kind regards Anna and Ann

    Anna L Orlinski   19 August 2014


    Chris Goodwin   24 June 2014

  32. Please can you give me list of your meetings for 2014. Before I join please

    Dean Hope   2 March 2014

  33. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We were wanting to know if we could include the Organisation in the forthcoming Sports Special Issue of The Gay Vibe Magazine.

    Many Thanks,


    Gay Vibe Magazine


    Peter French   17 December 2013

  34. I would like to know more about the club and how to join.

    Alan Webster   2 July 2013

  35. Where can I join you guys at GAy Caravans

    Steven king   5 June 2013

  36. this link does not work, nor does going direct to the GCC site and applying, any hints as to how to contact the club and join?

    Colin Cheshire   1 November 2012

  37. Application form:

    Phil   15 July 2012

  38. hi i would like to know more about the club and how i can join .

    adrian mattock   15 July 2012

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