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Retired Caravan Club

The Retired Caravanners Association

The friendly club for mature caravan and motorhome owners who like good value, security, good company and fun.

If you are retired and looking for opportunities to use your caravan or motorhome with like minded people from your own generation this could be the club for you.

We welcome individuals and couples – it doesn’t matter if you have just bought a caravan or motorhome , or have been enjoying the freedom of one for sometime.

Membership is open to anyone who is retired from full-time employment or self-employment who owns a caravan or motorhome and has a UK address.

The club organises 40 – 50 rallies nationwide each year. Each rally is between 7 – 14 days and are arranged so that ‘Follow on rallies’ are within easy driving distance.

Each rally is organised by an individual or small group who are encouraged to “do it their way” As a result each rally has it’s own unique elements, such as entertainment, group meals etc.

Spring and Autumn rallies are often held on commercial sites with full access to facilities, but in the summer, schools, rugby pitches and farmers fields are often used to provide unique and inexpensive rallies.

You can find the website at this link: The Retired Caravanners Association


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  1. The Retired Caravanners Association web site is a secure site, where you can find more details/ ask questions. You can even join online or print out a joining form to post.
    There is also a Facebook page where members can see Rally news and catch up with friends Jean – membership secretary

    Jean Whitten   15 August 2022

  2. We have been on a few rallies with the RCA and thoroughly enjoyed them, great value and very friendly people.

    Alan   12 August 2022

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