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The Freedom Camping Club

“Freedom Camping Club is not a corporate business making million every year. Its a club run by people for people. Our sole aim is to facilitate the meeting of likeminded people, bringing together people who own caravan sites and camping facilities with people who want to enjoy caravanning and camping as a recreational activity.

We are a family orientated caravan and camping club. Our purpose is to identify and make available safe and suitable locations for the purposes of enjoyment and engagement with the natural environment this country has to offer. We believe strongly that recreational camping and caravanning has a significant role to play in developing strong social family bonds and creating memories of family interaction which in today’s technology driven world is sometimes forgotten.”

Access to cheap certified campsites, prices from £2.50 per person per night.
*Free lifelong club membership.
*Certified campsites with seasonal pitches.
*Diverse sites to meet every need, from field with tap to sites with private swimming pools.
*1 Free night caravanning or camping every year.


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